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Hybris - Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery
by YngwieViking at 07 October 2013, 6:35 PM

In 2013, with some great releases by the likes of BLOODSHOT DAWN / GAMA BOMB / SCHEMATA THEORY / BLEED FROM WITHIN / EVILE / ZICO CHAIN / DECEPTOR and mostly the great SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, now United Kingdom reveals an unsuspected proficiency in Metallic fierceness, and holds a great contingent of Fresh Xtreme / Metal Core / Thrash Metal acts and few not so fresh anymore: like CARCASS or ONSLAUGHT but with still a ferocious potential and a great efficiency when it’s time to Metalizing down in deepest abyss of Hell. Here is a new contender for the crown of the best British Thrash Metal album of the year.

I was pleasantly surprised by the roughness of the sound provided by HYBRIS like a smartly crafted blend between the savagery of DARK ANGEL / VIO-LENCE and the more polished / technical stuff of TESTAMENT / CORONER / ANNIHILATOR, with absolutely not a single trace of fashionable tricks or electronic gimmicks. The genuine particularity of HYBRIS is that the band is the brain child of Federica Gialanze a guitar player who also played in the horde of Doomsters, known as CENTURIONS GHOST, and also because the band count also another female in the lineup, the bass player is Olivia “liv” Airey, the remaining male members are also more or less related with the complex CENTURIONS GHOST‘s history.

The playing level is high, but in this kind of Metal which is very demanding, this is not surprising, the vocals are set in the regular harshness with no growl and are pretty well done with a good technique embellished by a real anger instinct in the declarative flow but also some more melodious like the Heavy Metal tenor mode intro for “Cult of Doom”, which is one of the best cuts out of “Heavy Machinery” with its Acoustic guitars arrangements melted with razor sharp riffage.

Another important ingredient in HYBRIS sound it’s the use of many layers of harmonizing in the guitar duo performing, very much in the NWOBHM vein, but also some more twisted lead works in the Marty Friedman’s era MEGADETH plus a few weird riffs like the DESTRUCTION influenced “Volcano”, those more specific elements are giving a Progressive feel to this furious opus where Violence and determination are cleverly altered by a more vicious convoluted spirit.

With “Heavy Machinery” the London based HYBRIS are providing a nice piece of Retro Technical Thrash of the best breed. 

3 Star Rating

1. Uprising
2. Hypertube
3. Shadowplay
4. Foe or Friend
5. Collision
6. Insidious
7. Emperors
8. Volcano
9. Hubris
10. Cult of Doom
James “Fang” Begley – Lead Vocals
Federica Gialanze – Guitars
Achilles Hilmi – Guitars
Olivia Airey – Bass
Dimitris Xekalakis - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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