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Hydra - Point Break

Point Break
by Craig Rider at 03 November 2022, 5:35 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HYDRA; signed via Frontiers Records Srl, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Melodic Hard Rock/AOR, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: “Point Break” (released August 5th, 2022). 11 tracks ranging around 46:16 the quartet in question arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Melodic Hard Rock/AOR amalgamations.

Opening up with this majestically riveting remedy of wondrous serenity; “Stop The Madness” amplifies a chiming harmony of synthesized melody, this operatic merger surges with amplified flickers and choppy musical sublimity. As a catchy but bluesy hymn continues to revel with chirpy aesthetic; implementing a hybrid experimentation in dexterously dynamic virtuosity, where vibrantly potent songwriting musicianship magically unravels this sublime ethereality about it. “Bringing Down The Moon” attributes at a euphonic lead with rhythm guitar chops from Andi Kravljaca (also on vocals) while rough but clean cords sing with vibrato throatiness, amongst a dense but boisterously bouncy impact in mellifluous zeal - solos rivet with organic substance & seamlessly enchanting but easy-listening yet radio-friendly tunefulness. The subgenre placed here basically is an anthemic archetype in up-tempo vivaciousness, that realistically doesn’t articulate itself as every track mostly feels abundantly similarly so far, especially within “No Lullaby” & “Stay A While”.

There’s not much punch or weighty jumpiness; mostly I hear the same emotional love songs that can feel stale the more you jam to it, judging the pace of the mood. However; it’s not to say HYDRA aren’t professionally well-rounded, “Angela” has a more rollicking groove but the overall theme remains the same & doesn’t give me motivating fervor as much. Henrik Hedström on keyboards/acoustic/clean guitars probably lessens hype levels but it’s all feel-good, instrumental music that reverberates with some pristine yet snappy quirkiness that’s most angelic. “Forever My Love” showcases Daniel Flores drum hammering batters while smoothly tapping the set with slow smacks while more ballad-esque headedness injects an infectiously sulfurous versatility that makes one feel either chilled or relaxed and not much else. Embedded are some rumbling tremolo crescendos and strident rifts that speed things up nevertheless, within “Never Be The Same” that’s a little surprising, finally.

An audible bass from Jonny Trobro thumps out his instruments with some nimble stability; synergzed with these fretless cords, and distinctively distinguished but hymnal feeling that pierces through you with uplifting venom. “Doors Of Love” has a choir-edged mobility to it, it’s notably something you would stereotypically unearth through those rock radio stations that you will randomly have encountered whilst on the road or something. Nothing particularly incredible, energetic or groundbreaking, it’s just this borderline foundation of short but corny love music that’s just not appealing for me. “The Most Wanted” solidifies with this more thrilling tremor while still manifesting with that inspirational flair of transitional well, cringe - dare I say. If I wanted a bore-fest, I would just lock myself up within a bland hostel room with nothing remotely in it but pale walls.

The penultimate “Suspicious” is also suspiciously the same; while it’s impressive on what HYDRA perform with, there’s just not enough bang for your money. While the overall concluding “epic” “To Say Goodbye” features a duet filled with flamboyance from singer Elena Valente, once you have heard the 1st track on this record - “Point Break” inevitably disappoints and makes you wish you could go back to your other, favorite band instead. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that this wasn’t one of my best listens, within the lyrical content mostly and furthermore - nothing ramified with grandeur grinds nor re-playable let alone spin with an enjoyably entertaining experience. A discovery you would be hard pressed to miss through yours truly, unless you are a fan of this subgenre, go for it but personally - move on and find something that isn’t going to un-inspire you should you despise boring love music such as this.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Stop The Madness
2. Bringing Down The Moon
3. No Lullaby
4. Stay A While
5. Angela
6. Forever My Love
7. Never Be The Same
8. Doors Of Love
9. The Most Wanted
10. Suspicious
11. To Say Goodbye
Andi Kravljaca - Vocals/Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Henrik Hedström - Keyboards/Acoustic & Clean Guitars
Daniel Flores - Drums & Keyboards
Jonny Trobro - Bass & Fretless Bass
Elena Valente - Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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