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Hydrogyn - Private Sessions Award winner

Private Sessions
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 05 July 2012, 4:39 PM

HYDROGYN is an U.S. band that’s formed in 2004 as an experiment to create a modern heavy rock sound that a broad audience can love. Well HYDROGYN recently released their 4th album “Private Sessions” through Music Buy Mail and with that album I would say experiment succeeded. “Private Sessions” does sound like heavy rock with a pop vibe to me.

“Private Sessions” does contain energetic pop/rock songs that are easily to imagine inside nowadays movies and popular television (soap) series, to start them, end them and accompany them in between, adding energy with their powerful sound. Powerful and progressive, but if you’ll expect to hear Metal, you might need to get rid of those expectations, because the pop vibe makes this album sound more like Heavy Rock than Metal, which does make “Private Sessions” an album that can be loved by a broader audience.

What did get to me first while listening to “Private Sessions” from HYDROGYN was the powerful energetic sound that stepped right into my living room and the female vocalist Julie added to that feel with her catchy, powerful and clear voice, also because her voice is not the only thing she’s sharing. The way she’s inside the music lines with her vocal lines can make me smile. She’s certainly not a newbie singer, but next to being experienced and skilled, love and passion are clearly shining through too. Her passion so suits the music she’s surrounded by.

It’s fun to hear a team play that’s skilled and passionate. Drum lines, guitar lines and bass lines are able to shine power and passion inside an energy that opens doors. Energy that’s controlled with the pop feel behind it and the solid sound they’ve been able to produce, that’s as steady as a Heavy Rock and suiting the songs in a way that jumps out and drags in. The songs on “Private Sessions” would do even great on national radio due to their pop vibe, but their powerful Heavy Rock sound makes them sound refreshing at the same time.

“Private Sessions” is not better or lesser per definition than the former work of HYDROGYN, but to me HYDROGYN does sound like they’re more in control, like they’ve found some extra ways to add the pop vibe without losing their powerful sound on “Private Sessions”.

4 Star Rating

1. Something To Say
2. Forbidden Kind
3. Scream
4. I Don't Know How
5. Heated Nights
6. Creeper
7. Don'tcha Walk Away
8. Roseline's Song
9. Feeling
10. Un Monde Perdu
11. It Doesn't Matter
12. Alone
Julie - Lead Vocals
Jeff Westlake - Guitar
Joe Migz - Drums
Chris Mammons - Bass
Record Label: Music Buy Mail / Rapid Fire Entertainment


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