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Hydrogyn - Redemption

by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 10 April 2017, 7:25 AM

HYDROGYN is a Hard Rock band from Kentucky.  I’m not familiar with their previous albums, but they do have a large discography and this new album titled “Redemption,” from what I understand, is taking the band in a more metal direction.  The band is definitely heavier than anything in the mainstream, although some Metalheads are going to want something with more power.

Erica’s vocals are great with a lot of power and volume behind her.  She sings with such intensity, I can only imagine she pulls them from deep within her gut.  She reminds me of Morgan Lander from KITTIE and Lizzy Hale from HALESTORM.  They are clean vocals but they contain a nice edge to them, just enough to give her a rough sound without getting too heavy. Unfortunately the rest of the band doesn’t really impress me as much.  Although everyone is talented, I’m just not feeling the overall direction of the songs.  The album’s songs follow a pretty standard format of verse/chorus/verse; this doesn’t have to be a bad thing but the band just seems like they could do better. Often times the songs get a really cool idea or seem like they are about to explode but they never really go anywhere and it just sounds very inconsistent.  The last track “Break in Two,” is the best on the album.  The riffs are somewhat sludgy and Cardilino really has some powerful bass kicks.  Towards the end of the song Westlake has a slick solo and some great harmonies going on.

The second track “Devil God Devil,” features some out of place male vocals and a musically its just standard riffs that really don’t do anything exciting.  On “Fixir” there is a really cool guitar groove around the two minute mark.  It sounds really good, especially with the screaming over it.  Soon as you think the song is going to keep up the pace, it goes back to the tepid main riffs and chorus once more.  Westlake is a competent guitar player but he just doesn’t stand out musically to me; he is similar to Tommy Victor in that he has a good tone, keeps a song flowing, but it isn’t anything you are going to remember a few songs later. “Hey Ho” is a very weird song.  It begins with filtered vocals and a more ambient tone—it just sounds very off from the band’s core sound that is represented on the album and it kills the flow.  In the same song though we are treated to some decent guitar when it’s allowed to shine past Erica’s filtered lyrics.

HYDROGYN have put out a decent hard rock/metal album but it lacks excitement, flow, and is musically all over the place.   It has some bright spots but they are few and far between. Fans of more radio friendly rock will find something to enjoy but if you are looking for something with depth then look elsewhere.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Fixir
2. Devil God Devil
3 Hey Ho
4 In The End
5. Jenny
6. My Redemption
7. Tailspin
8. Suffering
9. Down In Flames
10. Break In Two
Erica Parrott - Vox
Jeff Westlake - Guitar
Jeff Boggs - Guitar
John Cardilino - Drums
Chris Sammons - Bass
The Rev - Sound
Record Label: HighVolMusic


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