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Hyems - Anatomie des Scheiterns

Anatomie des Scheiterns
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 June 2020, 4:30 AM

Sometimes, when dealing with German Black Metal bands, one could think ‘why in the blazes did such a good scene didn’t grow as other genres of Metal?’, and it’s a fair question. Unlike the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish scenes, German Black Metal still lies in the depths of underground, without a leading set of names to make things greater. MYSTIC CIRCLE, AGATHODAIMON, the mighty NINNGHIZHIDDA and others are as good as their fellow compatriots but ceased to exist after years of fight. But there are those who fight again and again, trying to reach the attention of the fans, as the quintet HYEMS, as is shown on their new release, “Anatomie des Scheiterns”.

To some, to say that their musical work is based on the traditional and brutal form of German Black Metal could not explain that they do. It’s aggressive, darkened and brutal, playing with energy and oppressing the ears, but with a subjective melodic sense (presented especially on the guitar riffs). It’s not a new formula, but the way they make things is excellent, with a personal insight guiding their musical efforts. Tobias Forneberg worked on the recording, mixing and mastering of “Anatomie des Scheiterns”, creating something that can be understood and assimilated in an easy way by the fans, but bearing that precious crude insight that is a trademark from German Black Metal. So be prepared.

Their songs are all very good pieces of Black Metal, but the melodic touch presented on the oppressive violence of “Triumph des Scheiterns” and “Siechtum - Briefe vom Ende” (both presenting amazing guitar riffs, creating charming melodies in some moments, and great tempo changes), the melancholic appeal of melodies shown on “In diesem Graben” (bass guitar and drums creates very good rhythmic contrasts), and the bone-crushing violence adorned with funereal melodies shown on “In Ketten” (the shrieks are excellent, contrasting with some clean and morbid voices, and laid upon very good and sinister instrumental lines) are the ones indicated for a first time on their work.

HYEMS is not a kind of ‘Black Metal savior’ and can’t be faced as such thing. But the work they show on “Anatomie des Scheiterns” is really very good and deserves applause.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Triumph des Scheiterns
2. Siechtum - Briefe vom Ende
3. Vom Bankrott einer Seele
4. In diesem Graben
5. Zerwürfnis im Tal Josaphat
6. Morgendämmerung
7. In Ketten
A. E. J. - Vocals
D. W. - Guitars, Vocals
D. M. - Guitars, Vocals
F. B. - Bass, Vocals
C. A. - Drums
Record Label: Black Sunset Records


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