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Hyperconvolutor – Hyper Convolution

Hyper Convolution
by Santiago Puyol at 13 April 2020, 3:00 PM

HYPERCONVOLUTOR is a Technical Death Metal band, coming South Holland, Netherlands. Formed in 2018 as a solo project by guitarist Nathan Bonkerk, it grew into a full ensemble, and have released their debut EP "Hyper Convolution" on March 6th 2020. Their music draw influences from Progressive Metal outfits such as DREAM THEATER and classic Technical Death Metal references such as CYNIC or late-era DEATH, with just a dash of Deathcore.

The 5-track EP opens with the DREAM THEATER-esque "Unify". Its brief intro has an epic feel to it, easing the introduction to the band’s heavy sound. Rabin Miguel and Bob van Eisden do a fantastic job on vocal duties, showing chemistry in the way they complement each other lines. A groovy and jazzy track with a funky bassline, that still goes hard and heavy. Bonkerk lays down some tasteful soloing, technical and melodic.

"Chasms and Bridges" goes next. After a brief and nostalgic acoustic intro, it moves into a BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME feel, complex and abrasive. Jerry Kamer’s fretless bass takes the forefront here, being the central piece of the track. His sound adds interesting colours and textures to the track, sounding still heavy but a little jazzier, bringing Sean Malone as a natural point of comparison. A brief reprise of the intro appears midpoint through the track.

Manic playing with some remarkable guitar tapping and intricate drumming welcome the listener on the title-track. "Hyper Convolution" features some frantic tempo changes but in a very structured and sensible way. A heavily syncopated track with a downright memorable chorus. Another nasty and extremely fast-paced and convoluted instrumental serves as an outro, echoing the very start of the song.

Subtle Alternative Rock vibes bleed into "Sinuosity". Its powerful –even catchy– chorus incorporates clean vocals flawlessly into the band’s sound. The guitar trades in chuggy riffing and spidery embellishments on the verses. The instrumental breaks in-between verses and choruses are simply anxiety-inducing. The track even finds time for a softer section with dramatic spoken-word, the musical equivalent of a voiceover on a movie or a tv show.

Closer "Omniscience" gets started with some euphoric tremolo picking. The sound is not entirely clean, having an edge to it, but still feels luminous. It features a string quartet, fully enhancing the experience. Perfectly placed on the tracklist, it surely conveys the sense of something being almost over. Crushingly heavy verses contrast with the Post-Metalish intro and the beautiful string ensemble instrumental outro of the track. A dynamic and compelling finale.

"Hyper Convolution" is a solid debut EP, with outstanding musicianship, carefully constructed songs and a warm production that brings out the instruments. It features some strong jazz influences, mainly conveyed through the stark presence of the bass. HYPERCONVOLUTOR show a clear vision and personality here, and leaves wanting and waiting for more. The addition of the string quartet on the last song opens the possibility of further experimentation on the future, a promise I certainly hope they deliver on because it suits the band.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Unify
2. Chasms and Bridges
3. Hyper Convolution
4. Sinuosity
5. Omniscience
Nathan Bonkerk – Guitars
Jerry Kamer – Bass
Rabin Miguel – Vocals
Bob van Eisden – Vocals
Keuris Ensemble – String quartet on "Omniscience"
Record Label: Independent


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