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Hyperia - Insanitorium Award winner

by James Brizuela at 26 February 2020, 3:06 PM

HYPERIA is melodic thrash band from Canada. Originally formed in 2018, they wasted no time releasing their first EP, “Fish Creek Frenzy”, in 2019. They now follow suit with their debut album, “Insanitorium”. There is a lot of traditional heavy elements mixed in with HYPERIA’s complete thrash attack. A lot of wailing guitar solos coupled with the hair metal vocal cadence of Marlee Ryley. But make no mistake about it, their thrash attack is unrelenting. The vile vocals come into play to really punch you in the gut. “Mad Trance” kicks off the album showcasing the beautiful musicianship of HYPERIA, while showing off the vocal duo of the hair metal style and vile death metal-like style.

I get a lot of sounds similar in nature to when ARCH ENEMY was fronted by Angela Glasgow. Except HYPERIA has a more old-school heavy metal style to their sound. Though I have some biases with more brutal vocals, I like the jumping back and forth with the traditional metal style. There are some power metal elements thrown into the mix of HYPERIA’s sound as well. “Asylum” is a perfect example of this. I love the how the brutal and old school elements coincide with one another so well. The expert musicianship elevates it that much more. HYPERIA is by no means a one trick pony, their sub-genre blending creates a complete sound. There are some leanings towards melodic death metal. “Nullified” showcases some of that sound in the intro of the track, which leads back into the speedy crushing thrash sound that exists throughout the album. “Dystopia” has the perfect level of melodic thrash that HYPERIA offers. The background chanting, brutal vocals, and clean vocal prowess is powerful. While the drums and guitar riffing kick things up in a beautiful melodic cadence.

I think this is where the band shines the most, in their ability to provide a truly melodic and brutal sound. “Contagion” brings in that more old school sound that exists throughout the album, but the brutality couples with it to keep you headbanging. That perfect balance of old and new styles creating a wall of powerful heavy metal sound. “Insanitorium” is a monster of a thrash album. HYPERIA’s incorporation of melodic death metal and power metal creates an unrelenting sound. The perfect yin-yang of melody and brutality makes for an album that you can’t put down. I found myself playing these tracks repeatedly. Bang your heads to this one.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mad Trance
2. Starved By Guilt
3. Asylum
4. Unleash The Pigs
5. Nullified
6. Fish Creek Frenzy
7. Dystopia
8. The Scratches on the Wall
9. Contagion
10. Evil Insanity
Marlee Ryley – Vocals
Colin Ryley – Guitars
David Kupisz – Guitars
Scott DeGruyter – Bass
Jordan Maguire – Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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