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Hyperomm - Transcendence Award winner

by Laura Glover at 13 January 2020, 7:57 PM

Anton Trubin, 33-year-old Siberian born music enthusiast is the powerhouse behind the force that is HYPEROMM. A studio project and one man show, "Transcendence" is a hard-hitting album and a delight to behold. From humble beginnings in his old band SOUNDSTORM, HYPEROMM is luscious melodic metal and violent vocals all in one. Anton started making music when he was 16 years old, this lifelong passion of his is evident in the musical production of this album. A move to Moscow, Russia prompted the death of his former band and the creation of HYPEROMM in 2016. Truly, had I not known by researching, I never in a million years would have guessed HYPEROMM is the result of just one man. The album is truly epic and well put together. True to its ethereal name, the album is one of dark and deep introspection. Soulful lyrics speak of the journeys our spirits make, who are we and who are we to become.

"Weighing of the Heart" - "In waters of heaven, Caressed by the Sunlit light, Perennial haven, Long wished for the afterlife." Hard hitting, yet melodic tones marry lyrics written in poetry. With heavy vocals this song is hard to pin to a certain type of metal. At times the vocals are very thrash like, yet at others the melodies are so lustful. "Metempsychosis" - Synthesized piano entry with heavy vocals, this is a song about reincarnation, or "the eternal circulation of souls" to quote. The concept of reincarnation is one of personal interest to me. One brief moment in time, I was blessed to get to glimpse my own past lives. Who we are and how far we have come is a humbling thing to behold. To experience complete love and ego death one must see themselves transparently. This is what this song is about. Enjoy the journey, every moment. Even the broken ones. For in that is the most beautiful love we could ever experience. "Patala" - I am a self-described "grammar Nazi". My beloved Grandma instilled the love of words in me staunchly. Through poetry and art. I have mentioned her before in my writing. The reason this comes up in my description of this track is because of glorious verbiage in it. Epic poetry, each word artfully and intelligently written. Luckily this albums bandcamp page has all the lyrics for this album. Check it out for yourself. As a review writer, I have noticed sometimes it can be so hard to find the lyrics to most obscure metal albums. So much of a song is in its lyrics, so a deep thank you to Anton for the extra step of providing us with these words. This just goes to speak to how well this album was produced.

"Eternal Feast" - I adore the intro beat to this song. A melodic, emotional beat. This song is about our soul's rest and heaven, a place where there is an eternal feast, laughter, and merriment. The vocals in this song tend to be a little softer, although still very much metal. "Illusory State" - A song about the facade of a world we live in and the asylum we live. "Life is emotions, Death is a moment, On the other side". Truly, life is emotions. We cherish that which we love and shun that which we hate. The life we so cherish is the illusory state, that which we perceive is colored entirely by our inner perceptions. We truly create our own reality. The matrix is one of our doing. Will we ever break through the veil? "The Story" - This song is written about our last moments. What comes then? "The light or nothing"? Death is not the end and this is where the authors story begins. Our soul springs eternal.

All in all, "Transcendence" is an album that is quite spiritual in nature. Asking us to look within and telling us we are a ""breath from God". This album reminds us of the immortality of our soul, yet the fragility of these bodies. Reincarnating one life to the next, be our best selves. This is the legacy we leave, the depth of our souls. Truly, the magic we experience in life is majestic and glorious. It is worth noting that Anton’s lyrical inspirations were Emily Dickenson, Walt Whitman, and William Ernest Henley. The last poet mentioned, William Ernest Henley, is the author of my most favorite poem, Invictus. I can see the influences of these masters of words in this album. This would be my favorite part of this album, the depth of its lyrics.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Portal
2. Weighing of the Heart
3. Metempsychosis
4. Patala
5. Eternal Feast
6. Charnel Wraith
7. Illusory State
8. Vortex of Hell
9. Transcendence
10. The Story
11. Living in a Cage (Bonus track)
12. 3000 (Bonus track)
Anton Trubin - Vocals, All Instruments, All mixing & Mastering, Production, and Cover Art
Record Label: Independent


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