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Hypertension - Primeval Tyrants Prevails

Primeval Tyrants Prevails
by V. Srikar at 08 March 2014, 8:15 PM

With each new Thrash band I listen to, it becomes clear for me that irrespective of the history of the genre, new bands will play it the want to and not just the way the listeners want it to sound.

HYPERTENSION is a new three-piece Thrash band formed in Östersund, Sweden as SHATTERED and “Primeval Tyrants Prevails” has amazing head banging bullet like Speed Metal riffs which are fast and unidirectional, which actually adds to the whole HYPERTENSION experience here, though I'm not totally convinced about the guitar solos here and are one of the big disappointments of the album.

I have a mixed feeling towards the semi growling vocals and to an extent demeans the album's beauty, though I have to mention that the 2nd time I listen to the album the vocals felt better (though I should say that I'm still not totally convinced by it). The bass work of Henrik Låsgårdh is great and does a world of good to the album and can be heard in its prime in "Envenomed By Vipers", but the drums on the album are kind of on and off and are a tad disappointment too. The long named “Primeval Tyrants Prevails” has a CORONAR and a bit of DEMOLITION HAMMER style of Thrash and also fans of BATHORY should dig this album for its Black Thrash flavor. But the album as a whole lacks variety and may test the patience of the listener as I mentioned above, the album as a whole is unidirectional, which is also the reason why I'm unable to pick my favorite track of the album.

While the album cover art is interesting and gives a feel of Black Metal, the lyrics speak of Death, Evil, and Satan. The production is actually great especially for this type of music as one is able to clearly listen to each and every riff irrespective of how fast they are. Overall, it’s a decent debut album, but I sense a bit of inexperience in this album and it may be because it’s their first shot at a full length.

I would expect lot more from these Black thrashers from Sweden next time around and considering the fact that the album was released quite a long back, on May 7th, 2013 in origin, I would like much more promotion and marketing next time around, else it’s going to be a passing cloud just like this one.

3 Star Rating

1. Born of the Realms of Darkness (Son of Hades)
2. Deluge of Blood
3. Across the Holy Graves
4. Everlasting Exile
5. The Pandemic Has Begun
6. Behaviour in Grave
7. Empire of Yore
8. Envenomed by Vipers
9. Primeval Tyrants Prevails
August Låsgårdh - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Henrik Låsgårdh - Vocals, Bass
Axel Holmström - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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