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Hypnos - Heretic Commando / Rise Of The New Antikrist

Heretic Commando / Rise Of The New Antikrist
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 April 2012, 1:22 PM

When I checked out this band HYPNOS from the Czech Republic I noticed that its members were reminiscent of a much older giant which was KRABATHOR, once a big time Death / Thrash Metal entity that turned its anger on our rotting society and the religion holding some of it captive. KRABATHOR were one of the few Eastern European extreme Metal bands that I actually had a physical CD to play. However, after 1998 I lost track of their activities. Today I understood that they are no more with a final album released in 2000. Though it was a bit disappointing, at least now I have HYPNOS and their new album, and highly produced from my end, "Heretic Commando, Rise Of The New Antikrist", via Einheit Produktionen.

Unlike KRABATHOR’s verbose thrashy image, HYPNOS is a step closer towards Black / Death Metal with brutish Thrash intensions. In a way the band’s music reminded me of a cool mix between GOD DETHRONED, VADER and a few harmonic sparks that made me think of early DIMMU BORGIR. The material is very clear-cut yet it showed also signs of creativity on making morbid and destructive implementations on the cruel riffing. When it came to the vocal line, I wouldn’t have augmented any other type of growl pattern. Bronislav “Bruno” Kovarik’s style is the most suitable as it is not overly brutal, like the low end chugs or grunts, and is pretty understandable. Furthermore, the rhythms were kind of assorted, at least for what can be conjured from full blown straightforward outcomes. As for a sort of a melodic line, HYPNOS couldn’t seem to spare a few extra notes as enhancers yet the lead guitarist Igor Hubik made a small showcase of several shredding solos, sadly that those were rather short and not existing in every song of the least. “Burning Again / Hymn Of Eternal Fire” and “Nailed To The Golden Throne” boomed with excellence and I wonder what would have happened if the rest of the tracklist was similar to the level of these two.

Generally, "Heretic Commando, Rise Of The New Antikrist" was like a dark fist in the face and there is always a room for a well made belligerence. However, I had my fair share of moments where I waited for something more. I didn’t want to think that with the straightforward nature of the album as an attacking form against everything it won’t perhaps march on forward, yet HYPNOS, through several of the tracks, sounded a bit musty and stuck without any progress. Nonetheless, I am more than positive that the upcoming release will swipe "Heretic Commando, Rise Of The New Antikrist" down its knees. I enjoyed the direction that this band carved on its forehead.

3 Star Rating

1. Nailed To The Golden Throne
2. Inverted / Chasing The Apostles
3. Cholera / Mor
4. Burning Again / Hymn Of Eternal Fire
5. Alliance Of Snakes / Reptilian Conception
6. In Love With Death
7. Decadence / Art Of Modern Misery
8. Extremely Dark Days
9. Versus The Void
10. Urbi At Morbid / Farewell To Sanctity 
Bronislav “Bruno” Kovarik– Bass / Vocals
Petr “Pegas” Hlavac– Drums
Igor Hubik- Guitars
Record Label: Einheit Produktionen


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