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Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred (Reissue)

Extreme Hatred (Reissue)
by John Foley at 19 May 2021, 2:40 AM

During the 90's with a lack of a thrash metal scene in Sweden then arose the band HYPNOSIA. Today we have the reissue of their classic album “Extreme Hatred" which was originally released back in 2000. If you are a fan of the likes of MORBID SAINTKREATOR, SODOM and SLAYER then this is the album for you. The album opens with the title track “Extreme Hatred” and right away those evil sounding vocals hit you. You really notice those crazy speed playing from the band with some pretty cool riffs. That breakdown is just great as it slows down with a killer riff and the drums just go nuts during the guitar solo.

After that we have “Circle of the Flesh" and this one is a real bang your head type of tune. The riffs switch to really open up the pits. With a middle section that is just brutal and some really impressive drums. The track “Operation Clean - Sweep" has an intro that sort of reminds me of “Hit the Lights" by METALLICA. This then switches to some very SLAYER style riffing and with this o can see a circle pit going to this. The speed of the playing with this band is just something you can’t help but notice.

“Comatose" opens with some really stylish riffing. This one is a bit of a slower pace to the rest of the album but half way through the song really picks up. The riffs here just really kick a lot of ass. “Gates of Cirith Ungol" is a real stand out track. It opens with the sound of a storm and clean guitars which gives us an eerie atmosphere. There is then a nice mix of clean and heavy guitars with a very old school vibe which is great. This is a really cool instrumental song.

The last track on the album here is “Traumatic Suffering” and with this one the band is going out with a bang. The opening riff sounds like your impending doom is coming down on you. The speeds here are just evil and the riffs are here to kick your ass one last time. This is just pure thrash metal madness. About half way through it just stops to silence to lower your guard then comes back in to stomp you down with a blistering dualing guitar solo.

With “Extreme Hatred” HYPNOSIA have a fun thrash metal album. Filled with crazy speeds from the bands playing, really cool riffs, evil sounding vocals and drumming that reminded me of SLAYER. On this album you can really here the bands influences. It is a good thrash metal album but after awhile all the songs do start to blend together rather then stand out. But if you like you metal fast and furious and in your face then you will enjoy this.

Song Writing: 6
Memorability: 5
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Extreme Hatred
2. Circle of the Flesh
3. The Last Remains
4. Operation Clean – Sweep
5. Comatose
6. Act of Lunacy
7. Gates of Cirith Ungol
8. Hang'em High
9. Traumatic Suffering
Michael “Mike" Sjöstrand – Drums
Mikael “Cab" Castervall – Guitar and Vocals
Campus Klang – Lead Guitar
Lenny Blade – Bass
Record Label: Petrichor Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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