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Hypnosia - Horror Infernal

Horror Infernal
by Ehsan "FlowerHead" Bitarafan at 10 September 2012, 6:42 PM

HYPNOSIA is a Swedish Thrash / Brutal Death Metal band formed in 1995 by Cab Castervall (Guitars / Vocals) and Mike Sjöstrand (Drums) and disbanded in 2002. They seemed to be mostly influenced by classical Thrash Metal bands, but their technical style differed from known bands like METALLICA (Early days) or TESTAMENTHYPNOSIA can also be taken as inspired by acts in range of SLAYER, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, DEATH, SODOM and MORBID SAINT.Cab Castervall voice patternreminded me of KREATOR's frontman Mille Petrozza and there are lots of similarities, especially in the screams and backing vocals.

Years back, after releasing two successful demos: "Crushed Existence" in 1996 and "The Storms" in 1997, several labels showed interest to release album, they released a mini album "Violent Intensity" in 1999 with a small Swedish label named Iron Fist Productions. In 2000, their sole full length release, "Extreme Hatred", got to be released under Hammerheart Records. If you thought that Thrash Metal was on a verge of dying, you were dead wrong because after 20 years extreme Thrash Metal once again received recognition with the likes of their debut full length.

The"Horror Infernal" honorary compilation is the 3rd, and final, release of the band. This compilation, consisting of a selection of tracks from the band's entire career, will undoubtedly make you crazy and crave for Thrash's evil version. In addition, it also contains two epic covers songs: "Outbreak Of Evil" originally written by SODOM and "My Belief" originally written by POSSESSED.

In a technical point of view, within this album we have really fast and heavy guitar rhythms, as Thrash oriented playing should be, with a measure of complexity alongside several kick ass reckless, yet impressive, solos that elevated the adrenaline rate. the bass is not so audible, thanks to the production, but made a really solid and heavy rhythm for songs which injected so much power to the blood. The drumming is really amazing; it's so hefty along with really powerful double bass kicking, like bursting machine guns pounding, suitable for a band as HYPNOSIA. The lyrics are aggressive with patterns of violent and hatred, yet I found no Satanic or other pagan symbolic items even with the offensive nature. Furthermore, HYPNOSIA molest with aggressive killing, basic instincts and full time abhorrence.

So if you want some mighty raw Thrash Metal stuff, you should check out this memorial compilation of what could be a legendary Thrash band HYPNOSIA.

4 Star Rating

1. Crushed Existence
2. Threshold Of Decay
3. Undead
4. Paralyzed By Persecution
5. The Last Remains
6. Operation Clean Sweep
7. The Storms Of Dead Worlds
8. Funeral Cross
9. Haunting Death
10. Undead
11. Perpetual Dormancy
12. Mental Terror
13. The Storms
14. Outbreak Of Evil (Sodom cover)
15. My Belief (Possessed cover)
Mikael "Cab" Castervall - Vocals, Guitar
Hampus Klang – Guitar
Lenny Blade – Bass
Michael Sjöstrand (R.I.P. - January 8th 2004, skin cancer) – Drums
Record Label: I Hate Records


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