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Hypocrisy - End Of Disclosure

End Of Disclosure
by Angela "The Hunter" / Drago at 14 March 2013, 3:53 PM


Ah HYPOCRISY. If ever there was a band that you knew, without a shadow of doubt, that whatever album you laid your paws on was going to be a good album, without hearing it first, it would be this band. Peter Tägtgren and crew have put another notch on their discography belt with their latest release, "End Of Disclosure", and I have got to say, it is a damn fine album.

From "End Of Disclosure", to the brooding "The Return", each song is work of morbid art, hand crafted to annihilate your senses and disrupt every nerve in your body. Tägtgren’s vocals are unearthly, dissonant, yet vibrant with malice. His guitar work is equally beautifully disturbing, with amazingly brutal riffs and solos that are intricate and razor sharp. The drums are spine snapping and quite epic throughout the entire album, but really showcased on "The Eye". Last, but not least, Mikael Hedlund’s bass work is just really fucking good. It flows seamlessly between being the foundational to each song, to epically riffing with the guitars. Well played sir.

"End Of Disclosure"is another intelligent, well crafted, and beautifully disturbing album from HYPOCRISY that deserves, and warrants, your attention. Some standout tracks for me were "The Eye", "Hell Is Where I Stay", and "The Return". For a rating, I’d say an 8 out of 10. As always, stay well, and live free my friends! Cheers!

DRAGO (8/10)
Death metal legends HYPOCRISY need no introduction. Formed in Sweden in 1990 by legendary front man and producer Peter Tägtgren, they have released pivotal and groundbreaking albums in the melodic Death Metal realm. "Abducted", "Osculum Obsenum" and latter day masterpiece "Virus" have cemented a legacy that ranks up there with the best Swedish Death Metal have to offer. Anytime word gets out that a new album is on the horizon every Death Metal fan anticipates the release.

One of the few bands that have spent their entire career on Germany’s Nuclear Blast Records, HYPOCRISY have returned once again with the dynamic "End of Disclosure". Being billed as a return to their death metal beginnings; the direction of the record was dictated by what the band would enjoy listening to.

The album has its moments of extreme brutality but in reality this is one diverse affair. The band blends mind blowing Death Metal with aggressive melodic choruses that only Tägtgren can compose. They have crafted a record that should please all aspects of their fan base, as there is something for everyone.

The band is as tight as ever and the production stands out. The guitars are thick and not overly processed. The drums have a natural sound and don’t have that modern day drum replacement sound that all bands now use, which is refreshing to hear.

The band cranks out the aggressiveness on tracks “Hell is Where I Stay”, “Tales of Thy Spineless” and especially “When Death Calls”. The latter track should have all old school fans rejoicing. It is the most aggressive I have heard Tägtgren sing in a long time. In fact, his guttural bellowing could be the most hard-hitting of his career.

As much as they excel at their in your face material, I believe the band shine the most when they combine their hard driving rhythms with Tägtgren’s more melodic vocals. “44 Double Zero” is one of the most memorable choruses of their career. It is infectious, aggressive and everything I want out of a HYPOCRISY track. “The Eye” is chock full of riffs that are punishing. The perfect song to bang your head too, and again, the chorus has Tägtgren screeching over a killer melodic guitar part that they do so well.

IMMORTAL’s Horgh has been HYPOCRISY’s drummer since 2004 and once again proves why he is one of the top extreme drummer’s on the scene. His style fits Tägtgren’s writing style brilliantly as he can groove when needed to and just go off the rails like on the blast beat filled “United We Fall” and "Tales of Thy Spineless.”

"End Of Disclosure" comes out of the gate roaring and the first five tracks are amazing. I think towards the middle of the record it loses some of its luster before ending on a high note. Tägtgren can do a disservice to his songwriting when he goes for a throatier chorus than the dynamic melodic melodies that he composes so well.

This is another excellent release by the legendary HYPOCRISY and has no problem sitting alongside their past releases. "End Of Disclosure" is the perfect combination of their ferociousness and melodic tendencies, probably more so than any other release of their strong career. Peter Tägtgren proves again why his name is clearly at the top of the death metal genre and continues to build on his tremendous legacy.

4 Star Rating

1. End Of Disclosure
2. Tales Of Thy Spineless
3. The Eye
4. United We Fal
5. 44 Double Zero
6. Hell Is Where I Stay
7. Soldier of Fortune
8. When Death Calls
9. The Return
Peter Tägtgren – Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Mikael Hedlund - Bass
Horgh - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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