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Hypocrisy - A Taste Of Extreme Divinity (CD)

A Taste Of Extreme Divinity
by Elina Papadoyianni at 22 October 2009, 5:01 PM

HYPOCRISY have earned their right to be called Death Metal veterans and one of the bands that have forged today's sound through their consistency on releasing very good albums. Though, even since their self-titled album a decade ago they've always been up to high standards, they always gave me that great but not as great as that feeling. Up until now that is…
A Taste of Extreme Divinity is out and it manages to rival their best work so far. If you are a fan of NWOSDM, then you really, REALLY can't afford missing this. If you do so, then give a spectacular, acrobatic and rather hard kick on your head on my behalf but don't send me the hospital bill.
If you are a fan of their earlier work, you pretty much know what to expect. HYPOCRISY are not here to surprise you with elements you didn't expect, create sounds you never heard before or broaden your horizons. They are here with the simple of purpose of kicking your auditory sensors while making your neck perform extremely violent reciprocated movements in the process. The first riffs, blast beats and hellish screams of 'Mr.Pain' Tagtgren in Valley of the Damned give you a very good taste of what's about to follow. The entire album ranges from high to mid-tempo, giving a genuine HYPOCRISY sound from the old, which means the best this kind has to offered, wrapped in very catchy tunes and glad to say, not a single filler song in the album. That's a huge plus for any album and they have managed to create something that keeps you interested from the get-go till the last note.There are some songs that stand out more than the rest, meaning the opening track, the raging Weed Out the Weak, No Tomorrow, Global Domination, Alive, Tamed Filled With Fear and the amazing Sky's Falling Down.
Ok, that was more than half of the track-list. It's that good. The production is very good, not overly polished, but the very good standards we're used to from HYPOCRISY over the last years.  A Taste of Extreme Divinity is a very good sample of how a band can stay true to its sound yet manage to release something completely fresh that will get you hooked to it.

4 Star Rating

Valley Of The Damned
Hang Him High
Solar Empire
Weed Out The Weak
No Tomorrow
Global Domination
Taste The Extreme Divinity
The Quest
Tamed Filled With Fear
Sky Is Falling Down
Peter Tagtgren - Vocals, Guitars
Mikael Hedlund - Bass
Horgh - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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