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Hypoxia – Abhorrent Disease

Abhorrent Disease
by Liam Easley at 19 August 2019, 6:08 PM

After four years, HYPOXIA is back with their second full-length, “Abhorrent Disease”, a release full of thrashing rhythms. In fact, it’s mostly just that. For the genre of Death/Thrash Metal, this record is nothing new: the same grooves are there, the same riffs prevail and while some slight aspects can evoke originality, they are overwhelmed by the unceasing mediocrity.

Most of the tracks lack flow, and it can be seen right off the bat with “Dark Desires”. The song features some jumpy riffing and interesting leads, none of which is very original, however it is very well-executed. The problem is the songwriting: it’s choppy so that the recovery from a slower section is botched by the sudden explosion into another Thrash segment.

Some tracks actually don’t have this. "Condemned to the Abyss” features fast riffing styles that flow nicely into each segment of the track. The song is one of my personal highlights for its nice flow and high energy. It kept me intrigued much more efficiently than the previous track.

Perverse Instinct” also has nice flow with riffs that stand out and passages that don’t bore. This track, like the previously mentioned highlight has old school Death Metal influences similar to early DEATH or possibly MORBID ANGEL. “The Awakening” is another highlight as it is the grooviest track. The grooves are very refreshing and heavy.

Despite the music lacking interesting elements for the most part, this album actually goes by quite smoothly. With most of the better tracks focused near the end, the album gets better as it goes, making it easier to sit through.

This album is not terrible. It has some great tracks that a fan of this genre would appreciate greatly. There are even some interesting techniques that the guitarist incorporates such as applying subtle dissonance to some riffs, adding to the technical factor this album has. If you’re a fan of Death/Thrash Metal, you will find this album to be very good. Otherwise, it’s nothing special.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Desires
2. Condemned to the Abyss
3. Unhallowed Unforeseen
4. Possessed
5. Enslaving Cage
6. The Awakening
7. Despise
8. Perverse Instinct
9. Withered
10. Failures of the Festering Flesh
Carlos “Dirty” Acboleda – Guitars
Carolina Perez – Drums
Mike Hrubovcak – Vocals
Nadher Tabash – Rhythm Guitars
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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