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Hysterica - Metal War (CD)

Metal War
by Maria Kallinikou at 22 June 2009, 1:39 PM

By looking a bit at the info sheet of this band and their internet site before listening to Metal War I was suspicious of this all girl band from Sweden. This is the debut album for the Swedish quintet that erased all my second thoughts with this dynamic release. Despite their young age, the fact that they took the risk of self release, with a helping hand in mixing by Peter Tδgtgren, HYSTERICA offer tunes from the first second that really grab you by the balls. As they seem in the promo photos to be -only- dedicated MANOWAR fans, their music, however, has all the old school strains of classic 80's, with galloping riffs first of all.

Each track has the essence of the old times. The nineteen year old Anni De Vil is -more than obvious- a Leather Leone wanna be and she is - succeeding is a heavy one- doing good on it. Because of the growling and shrieking voice, plus the guitar section, CHASTAIN fans will by all odds love this release. Girls Made Of Heavy Metal is a song with clear reference to MANOWAR mostly, as there are some IRON MAIDEN rhythmic parts too. Metalwar and The Bitch Is Back have nice hooks and probably the last one adds a little of an updated sound. Devil In Me pays a homage to JUDAS PRIEST and Bless The Beast consists of some US metal elements.

HYSTERICA want to play old school heavy metal and the production is up to par. Thumbs up to the singer and kudos to the band for the great music, the power and the vitality.  As HYSTERICA is hell-bent on playing classic metal, Metal War will cause a stir among the metal fans for sure. Yes, these ladies are metal, know how to deliver good music and is more than a wise decision to have their debut album in your collection.

3 Star Rating

We Are The Undertakers
Bless The Beast
Girls Made Of Heavy Metal
Wreck Of Society
The Bitch Is Back
Devil In Me
Heavy Metal Man
Pain In The Ass
Anni De Vil - Leadsong
Bitchie - Guitar
RockZilla - Guitar
SatAnica - Bass
Hell΄n - Drums
Record Label: Private Release


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