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Nergard - Intermission

by YngwieViking at 26 January 2014, 2:02 PM

I strongly believe that my reviews should be always sincere and loyal with me & myself, in a perfect concordance with my inner and deeper emotions, yes it’s subjective and arbitrary but that's my way: the Yng-way.

“Intermission” is a rightly titled interlude for NERGARD, this young band coming from Norway, was one of the 2013's unexpected sensation, in my book it's one of the most promising act in the Scandinavian Melodic Progressive Metal section. Last year NERGARD had published an amazing second release "Memorial For A Wish" with a particular abundance in ultra-catchy hooks, rewarding melodies and a lot of smart compositions under the format of a concept album with many high profile guests, hyper talented players, constructive external collaboration and a captivating story line… Very underrated and not promoted rightly in its real artistic valor.

Displaying so many talented elements in such a beautiful and challenging, critically acclaimed all-star concept album is a double edge sword, and the whole idea concerning the release of this EP of cover songs in between was a good idea -at first-, and a nice way to wait for the new episode of the saga , but for me as much talented as are the guys in NERGARD, the choice of the tunes itself is the main problem, at least for me, it isn’t working at all, I mean the players are excellent but I can’t stand the music of U2 or Norwegian compatriots of A-HA, so for me no matter how well the arrangements are made or how well the singing is enhancing the early melody, I still heard the original lackluster song (“With or Without You”), you know I'm an 80’s guy, so I already had to endure those tasteless Pop in the radio back in the days in my teens… Even if both “Acrobat” and “The Bandstand” are darker than the regular stuff and aren’t the most well-known tracks from those two bands.

For me the NERGARD guys hold a real magic in their own original material , and  The Edge is an impostor, and there is no valid comparison available between Andi Kravljaca’s (AEON ZEN / SILENT CALL / THAUROROD / ex-SEVENTH WONDER) superb vocals and the poor Marten Harket‘s shrieks (A-HA). I know that with such sectarian comments I will not raise any consensus here & elsewhere because, my thoughts aren’t politically correct, controversial, partial and even I should admit rather unfair, I was curious in the beginning but I truly hate that, sorry. I will give an average rating because I really like the quality of the performances, but I think you already get my point about the tracks covered in this “Intermission” and because, all income from this EP will be donated to the children at the cancer ward at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim.

As a summary and from a strictly musically topic, I will say that except if you are a fan of Bono & Co, and if you still don’t know this Project lead by Andreas Nergård (ex-GAIA EPICUS / RUDHIRA) you should better try for the dark tale "Memorial For A Wish" first, then help the unlucky sick youngster, if you feel you have to do it… The state of the expectations for a new chapter coming from the NERGARD clan is still high up, in my humble opinion at least.

3 Star Rating

1. Acrobat (U2 cover)
2. The Bandstand (A-ha cover)
3. With Or Without You (U2 cover)
Andreas Nergård – Drums / Keyboards / Bass
Andi Kravljaca  – Lead Vocals on “Acrobat” and
“The Bandstand”
Thomas Løseth  – Lead Vocals on “With or Without
Henrik Karlsvik – Rhythm Guitars
Øyvind Wærnes – Lead Guitar on “Acrobat”
Record Label: Pug-Nose Records


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