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Seventh Void - Heaven Is Gone

Seventh Void
Heaven Is Gone
by Maria Voutiriadou at 19 December 2010, 2:12 AM

SEVENTH VOID didn’t come up to cover the huge gap that Peter Steele’s passing created, neither to replace TYPE O NEGATIVE’s steps in discography; from the very first listening (especially if you are a TYPE O die-hard fan), you’ll be able to recognize Kenny’s dark and twisted guitar playing and Johnny’s pompous drumming hit, but thus far. SEVENTH VOID have nothing to do with their past musical life, except the dark rhythms that seems to flow inside those past TYPE O members’ veins still. “Heaven Is Gone” is their debut album, having also Matt Brown on guitar and Hank Hell on bass (what a well-played themes, man!), known from URANIUM 235 and INHUMAN correspondingly and is a worthy representative of the modern doom/grunge/post/goth rock scene.

The pretty cool thing though with this album is that a lot of music styles are present: from the heavy, low-tuned riffs of the early TYPE O era till the raw vocals of SOUNDGARDEN back in the 90s and the sludgy gothic sound of BAUHAUS (yeap, you read correctly) till the dark, heavy doom of BLACK SABBATH of the 70s and the bad-ass attitude of DANZIG, combined in the right portions and there you have a solid and massive album that will satisfy every fan who searches for something new in this category. “Closing In” that opens the album is the best way to give you a representative taste of SEVENTH VOID’s dark and groove music with Kenny Hickey doing an excellent job in the draggy and passionate vocals. If you make the ‘mistake’ and be drifted with the bridge’s guitar theme, you’ll be forever a SEVENTH VOID’s captive. The self-titled track carries something from the modern American heavy Metal scene, reminding some HELLYEAH tunes in between and for a moment, you’ll feel the Steele’s gloomy touch in the air, similar to those in “Christian Woman”.

The following “The End Of All Time” has a spooky and catchy riff as its trademark, creating an atmospheric fragment and it’s my favorite track from the album, while “Broken Sky” dooms on SEVENTH VOID tablatures as TROUBLE used toin “Manic Frustration” and “Shadow On Me” carries that pitch-black grunge timbre thanks to the distorted, flickering vocals, showing that Hickey has so many vocal abilities that remained in the dark with TYPE O. However, “Death Of A Junkie” is full of this mix, having the DANZIG music ‘psychosis’ and the low-tuned grunge impulse all over and seems that “Last Walk In The Light” is the best way to drop the curtain in “Heaven Is Gone” with its Hendrix-esque guitar scratching in the foreground.

With or without a full moon, with or without a visit in a cemetery, “Heaven Is Gone” is enough to haunt you down (especially when it’s played loud) and make you ask for more, no matter if you are a TYPE O NEGATIVE fan, a doom Metal fan or whatever. The Dante-inspired SEVENTH VOID and their obscure character are trying hard to create their own music history in the modern discography after Peter Steele era and, in my opinion, they do an excellent job. The only thing we have to do now is to wait for their next step, beyond Heaven that Is already Gone.

4 Star Rating

Closing In
Heaven Is Gone
The End Of All Time
Broken Sky
Killing You Slow
Slow Descent
Shadow On Me
Drown Inside
Death Of A Junkie
Last Walk In The Light
Kenny Hickey - Vocals, Guitar
Johnny Kelly - Drums
Matt Brown - Guitar
Hank Hell – Bass
Record Label: Napalm Records


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