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The Hazytones - The Hazytones Award winner

The Hazytones
The Hazytones
by Sam M at 25 January 2018, 6:28 AM

What year is it? Listening to THE HAZYTONES debut self titled album makes me very unsure. This album could well have come out in the 70’s, not just from the style of music, but the production values as well. Everything about this album seems to be a massive throwback to early metal such as BLACK SABBATH. While it seems there are quite a few of these “stoner metal” bands trying to make a name for themselves, so many of them just sound lazy and monotonous. THE HAZYTONES on the other hand, give it their all. As a result it seems to only have elements of that so called “stoner” style. It’s like we’ve blended SABBATH and UNCLE ACID, being left with something that can easily stand apart from both, albeit the comparisons.

Right from the start of the album, with “Light Of The Day”, we’re hit in the face by absolutely fantastic strong bass lines, groovy and often intense drum beats, dirty guitar riffs, and that very 70’s style rough vocals which somehow straddle the line between ugly and beautiful at all times. The first major stand out track for me was “Children Of The Universe”, a track that gives the perfect example of what this kind of music is all about. It’s dark, it’s groovy, and it’s oh so very dirty. Honestly there really isn’t a weak song on this entire album, right from “Light Of The Day”, to “Moonstruck”, each one of these songs is great in its own right. However this could be seen as the one downside to THE HAZYTONES. There isn’t a huge amount of variety. Personally I don’t see this as an issue, as they’ve stuck to what they’re good at. However, I can see this being an issue for some. I guess if you don’t like their style, then there isn’t much point in sticking around to see if they vary it up a bit, because they don’t, however if you like their style from the start, you’re going to like it right up until the end.

These are the sort of albums that you really have to hope get major attention. It’s a fantastic first effort, and will hopefully propel THE HAZYTONES to greatness. Fans of the most classic of metal, should definitely check this out, and keep checking up on them. THE HAZYTONES should definitely go far. Let’s hope for a second album soon.

Originality: 8/10
Songwriting: 10/10
Production: 7/10
Memorability: 9/10

4 Star Rating

1. Light Of The Day
2. Fool’s Paradise
3. Free From Your Spell
4. Marked By The Devil
5. Children Of The Universe
6. Day Of The Dead
7. Kill To Survive
8. Living On The Edge
9. Moonstruck
Mick Martel - vocals, guitar
Ulrick LaMast - Drums
Frey Coaster - Bass
Record Label: Ripple Music


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