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[In Mute] - Chaos Breeder

\[In Mute]
Chaos Breeder
by Cherie Wong at 11 November 2019, 8:32 PM

This week, \[IN MUTE] will release their third full-length album on November 15th, 2019. \[IN MUTE] formed in 2003 and comes from Valencia, Spain. In case you weren’t aware, they have the notable distinction of playing Wacken Open Air in 2014 after winning first prize of Wacken Metal Battle. Since their last album, the band has added Vanja Obscure as the vocalist and Mike as the guitarist and melodic vocalist. Even with a few lineup changes, they have maintained their energetic melodic death metal style. Don’t be fooled by the melodic death metal moniker however, because \[IN MUTE] sounds more aggressive than melancholic. After a brief review of their earlier albums, it seems as if the band has started adding clean backing vocals to their music on this album.

Their style is pretty clear even from the opening track “Just(ice).” It immediately begins with harsh vocals. The guitars are melodic without losing their edge, especially with the slight djent sound coming from the sections of chugging and jarring guitar riffs. Melody also comes in the form of clean backing vocals in the chorus, a feature echoed throughout the album. The third track “Beyond Death” is my favorite. The guitar riffs are highly energetic at the beginning but transition into a catchy riff in the chorus sections. Further adding melody are the clean backing vocals mentioned earlier. After a breakdown, the guitars break out into a short but great solo.

The following track is “EcceTorment.” My favorite element on this track is the addition of, what I think is, synth towards the end. The same things that were great about the previous songs still apply. \[IN MUTE] is able to ride the line between melodic and death metal well. However, by this track, I find the clean backing vocals in the chorus a bit tiresome. While I think the melodic vocals add a lot to a few of the tracks, they are present on all the tracks on the album and used in the same place (the chorus). The next track I will comment on is the titular track “Chaos Breeder." This song has catchy choruses and riffs, but maintains the aggression by incorporating chugging riffs. The guitar solo on this track is beautiful. The last track is “Unhallowed Divination,” which is a great closing song. Again, there are equal amounts of aggression and melody here. I also like the tapping guitar work at the one minute mark and the extended soft passage towards the end.

Overall, I recommend this for fans of melodic death metal with some aggression. The band showcases their technical ability and skill at composing high energy tracks with catchy hooks and melodic choruses.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Just(ice)
2. A Beautiful Disaster
3. Beyond Death
4. EcceTorment
5. Depth of Suffering
6. Calibrated Face
7. Chaos Breeder
8. Unhallowed Divination
Mike – Guitar
Cristobal – Lead Guitar
Pedro – Bass
Adrián – Drums
Vanja Obscure – Vocals
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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