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I’ll Be Damned – Culture Award winner

I’ll Be Damned
by Neil Cook at 04 December 2022, 10:13 PM

I’ll Be Damned are a little bit angry. A bit pissed off at society, religion, politics, the media and the cost of Freddos.  OK I might have made up the last one about the cost of that little chocolate frog, but they should be! However, coming from Denmark I suspect they’ve not heard of a Freddo and we can let them off.

What their rage (against the machine) does do for the 5-piece is inspire them to make some damn fine, groove-laden rock in a melded grungy-southern-stoner style that gives this their 3rd album a harder, more serious edge than what’s come before.

Building a slow head of steam with the opener “FuckYouMoney”, which throws down some bilious lyrics on the evils about the small green pieces of paper and their effect on people over some chugging riffage and backline of a suitably menacing noise. “Run Me Over” steps the gear up a touch, and add a touch of heavy blues into the mix.  New singer Mark Damgaard had enough blues in his soul for this one.  And with the near-hysterical ending for “Fuck” bordering on a very modern growl, both songs show his vocal range nicely.

Primal Fear” has a cool-as-fuck sleazy-groove about it and “Hell Come (Take Me Now)”” give us an angry hard-edged southern swamp-monster.

Production from Tue Madsen (AT THE GATES, MESHUGGAH etc.) showcases the bands obvious talents, allowing all to shine, and not become a mess of sludge which some other bands would have.

Anything You Hand Me” is a grungy groovy monster from the noughties where the twin guitar attack of “Let Me Bleed” has a pissed-off modern day cowboy making their way down a dusty track on their iron horse towards that inevitable sunset, and it ain’t clear who’s coming out of this alive.

Through The Walls” is another one of those riff-heavy, simmering angry numbers, with an underlying southern style.  Think more of Alligator and Python infested swamps and dark creepy glades than the good ol’ boys in the muscle cars jumping the creek chase by the fat sheriff.

Good Talk, Not Happening” (one of the best song titles I seen for a while), is a bit of an odd one, and takes a few listens. Whilst not straying far from the model, it does seem to not exactly know where it is in relation to it’s predecessors.  Not in any way a bad song, but confusing.  Unlike the southern-blues-rock meets BLACK SABBATH majesty of blues monster that is closing song “Forever, Right?”.  This brooding beast is eight minuets long and weirdly feels and doesn’t feel every second of its runtime.  This is the album distilled into one glass. Vocals from a sinister whisper to a lush blues-soaked bark to a hysterical rant, guitars from sweet softness to wailing solos and deep dark riffs. Bass and drums adding layer upon layer upon layer and then gone!

Not a happy, throw away listen. This is angry, brooding and pissed-off with life and is a better and more hearty meal for it.  Tuck in you will enjoy.

Musicianship: 10
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. FuckYouMoney
2. Run Me Over
3. Primal Fear
4. Hell Come (Take Me Now)
5. Anything You Hand Me
6. Let Me Bleed
7. Through The Walls
8. Good Talk, Not Happening
9. Forever, Right?
Mark Damgaard - vocals
Boris Tandrup - guitars
Kristian Sloth - lead guitars
Jens Lunde - bass
Anders Gyldenøhr – drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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Edited 02 February 2023

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