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I Spit Ashes - Inhaling Blackness, Reflecting Light Award winner

I Spit Ashes
Inhaling Blackness, Reflecting Light
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 08 November 2012, 8:15 PM

I have never listened to songs of this band before, despite the fact that this German band was founded in 2007. I SPIT ASHES, the name of the band suggests that we will have to deal with harsher sounds. When you will begin to listen to the first sounds of the intro “N.D.X.” you would probably feel misled. However, this enigmatic, quiet and short beginning (1:18) shares no indication of what will happen next.

Second track on this album “Missper” is great, its intro is perfect. Strong drums and crushing roller of riffs! On my mind comes a similarity to IN FLAMES. I like IN FLAMES very much so this association influenced me very positively. The electronic features perfectly adapted to the climate. Excellent sound of guitars as if imitating machines. The delicate sound of the keys extremely composed with such powerful riffs. “Cracks In The Mirror” starts with a very strong entry point. Guitars are crushing and the rhythmical section is working as it should. Vocal sounds as if from another world, it will surely attract the attention of the listener. I have to also admit that the guitar solo on this song is cool! It is very easy to find a melody over here.

Next track on this album is called “Eclipse”. Right from the get go there is that fantastic sound of the bass drums and low-tuned guitars. The keys complete the flavour. Fantastic growl vocals of  Benedikt Rathsmann and there is also a chance to hear plenty of melodies in the background delivered by the guitars and keyboards. The created atmosphere will take you to different places in space and time. The album’s fifth song,“Crossing the Borderline”, is my top favourite. You can also check out the video of this track, the guys recorded a video so you would be able to see them performing live. Damn there is such an amazing intro of keys, great power over there. The vocals definitely have some connection with patterns of IN FLAMES & CRADLE OF FILTH. The key theme, which is repeated in chorus, sounds like a journey to a different land. The guitars are, as always, strong and crushing. Totally kick-ass riffing for you dear listeners spreading an ample will and longing for life.

“One Star Per Tear” is an instrumental song. Its intro is like a ballad. For some reason it sounds strange to me, even a bit weird, especially after what I heard prior to this. I would say that it is a sort of a relaxation period of the heavier stuff. “Error Concept I” begins hard with crazy sounds. The band uses electronic features and its quite evident. I have the impression that on this song they sounds pretty much like KORN. After this harshness, there is a beautiful guitar solo and yeah these solos are surprising. The soft intro of“Towards The Sun” is like the calm before the storm. After such peace, everything blows with nail biting & strong guitar riffing. The drums are so fucking crazy and the melodic guitars sound similar to the ones of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. “My Ulysses”, the album’s ballad,is a really nice song. The rhythm section is so clear and singing by Rathsmann is tranquil. The choruses are perfect followed by fine backup singing creating a sublime sensation. This track also harbours a sort of power as everything sounds tight and right on the spot. I liked it when there are cut scenes of crushing guitars commanded by growl & scream vocals.

Next song is called “When Daylight Dies”. Here we can feel faster paces & growl vocals. This track is short but in it there is so much melody. Modern Metal is much emphasised over here. This song is another favourite of mine of this album. Coming to the finish line there is “Moonray Guidance” with an intro of a sweet talking baby. The rhythm section is fabulous, drums and keyboards smacking with greatness. This whole shebang resembled a weird trip to the moon. There is a memorable chorus and in general it asserted itself as another favourite of mine. I SPIT ASHES aren’t afraid playing with fire and I respect that. There is such an amazing youthful spirit laying around that I really like.

This is the band’s debut album. Beforehand they published a demo / EP in 2010 named “State Of The Art”. Their music is not for the faint hearted. It is just one hell of a ride. It's fantastic that the guys from band try to connect different styles & techniques of playing. This is mandatory position for fans of IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, MACHINE HEAD and for everyone who want to feel fresh, modern and melodic Death Metal. This album isn't monotonous, it's  very cool to listen to. Furthermore, it’s diverse and I think that no one will be disappointed. One negative aspect is that sometimes the band play in the same pattern, yet I wouldn’t mind checking out this band live. Summing it up, this album can bring you a lot of joy and enjoyment of listening to it. Have a go on it.

4 Star Rating

1. N.D.X.
2. Missper
3. Cracks in the Mirror
4. Eclipse
5. Crossing the Borderline
6. One Star Per Tear
7. Error Concept I
8. Towards the Sun
9. My Ulysses
10. When Daylight Dies
11. Moonray Guidance
Emanuel Seis - Guitar
Bernhard Lindner - Guitar
Benedikt Rathsmann- Vocals
Daniel Lammich - Drums
Benjamin Müller - Bass Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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