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Ian Blurton’s Future Now - Signals Through the Flames Award winner

Ian Blurton’s Future Now
Signals Through the Flames
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 February 2020, 6:54 AM

There are times when some artists are known for their ‘cult’ statuses, but when fans come to think about it, the first question done is almost the same: why such guy isn’t known for a broader public? One of these names is from the veteran Canadian artist Ian Blurton. His works as producer of CAULDRON and BLOOD CEREMONY are known, but he has more than 35 years works on music, and he is now delivering a massive form of music with the album “Signals Through the Flames”, the latest release of IAN BLURTON’S FUTURE NOW.

It could be called just as a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band. But it’s not as easy to speak as it seems about what is heard on this album. It brings back to mind names as THIN LIZZY, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and MONSTER MAGNET, what means a massive and solid form of music, based on charming melodies, but with a crude organic feeling coming from the speakers. Obviously this formula isn’t new and many works in this same way were heard before, but the approach used but Ian’s gang is personal, and the melodies, the arrangements and the songs are irresistible for any fan that has a good musical  taste. The album was recorded at ProGold Studio, having Daryl Smith on the mixing, and Brad Boatright on the mastering. It sounds organic and thunderous, but not in a moldy/old fashioned way, because everything was done in a way that the listeners can understand without problems. The difference is on the instrumental tunes, used in a simple way, without overloading it with editions and excessive sound effects.

There are 9 songs on this album, 9 mammoth steps that can smash the listener’s bones, but all of them sounding great. But the greasy charming approach of “Eye of the Needle” (very good guitars and vocals are presented on this song), the nasty weighty harmonies of “Seven Bells” (great chorus), the greasy accessibility shown on “Days Will Remain”, the Space Rock approach elements shown in the middle of the bitter heavy outfit of “The March of Mars”, the simple technical work of “ICQ” (the bass guitar and drums create a heavy and excellent rhythmic work here), and the ‘sabbathic’ elegance of “Into Dust” (in the same deeper way of “A National Acrobat”) are the best ones. But the bonus songs “Race With the Devil”, “Space is Forever” and “Upon Yesterday” are excellent as well.

Of course, “Signals Through the Flames” isn’t presenting anything that is new, but in the way that IAN BLURTON’S FUTURE NOW does the things, it’s an invitation for becoming a fan and waiting anxiously for future releases of the band.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Eye of the Needle
2. Seven Bells
3. Days Will Remain
4. The March of Mars
5. Nothing Left to Lose
6. ICQ
7. Kick Out the Lights
8. Night of the Black Goat
9. Into Dust
10. Race With the Devil
11. Space is Forever
12. Upon Yesterday
Ian Blurton - Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Goldstein - Guitar
Anna Ruddick - Bass
Glenn Milchem - Drums
Record Label: Seeing Red Records


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