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Ibridoma - December Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 07 January 2017, 11:35 AM

Italian traditional Heavy Metal school is something different from the others, having some peculiarities that you won’t find in any other country in the entire world. The main feature that calls our attention is that the bands from the country use a great amount of weight, and they sound truly aggressive and modern. This is that case of the quintet IBRIDOMA, from Morrovalle, that is back with their latest album, “December”. Their musical work is based in great catchy melodies, but with the modern aggressiveness that we usually see from JUDAS PRIEST and METAL CHURCH works, but with a clear melodic sense, and a good dose of musical accessibility (pay attention the choruses) is what make their songs sound personal and different.

The sound quality is very good, a fine work, indeed. The balance between weight, melodies and aggressiveness is almost perfect. But looking back to their previous works, we can say that “December” is clearly the heavier album of the band, and as well, their arrangements are better than before. The artwork of the album is a fine piece created by the Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes. The experience of playing with bands such as SABATON and QUEENSRYCHE is making the difference on “December”, and the album has two especial guests: Paul "The Beast" Di’Anno on “I’m a Bully” and Blaze Bayley on “Land of Flames”.
The quality level is high, and “December” makes our adrenaline levels run of the scales.

The finest moments: the abrasive modern weight of “Sniper” (with excellent melodies and great chorus), the hooking tempos and guitars of “Covered by the Blood”, the fine and introspective harmonic lines of the abrasive “December”, the aggressive work from vocals on “I’m a Bully” (great work from Christiano along with Paul), the brutal aggressiveness of the guitars on “Dead Trees” (Marco and Sebastiano are really great on this song, showing excellent riffs and very good melodic lines on the solos), the bitter weight of “Land of Flames” (the duet between Blaze and Christiano is excellent amazing, and the work from Leonardo on bass guitar and Alessandro on drums is excellent as well), and the excellent, heavy and accessible “I Don’t Like” (the chorus is really charming). But the entire album is really excellent.

Listen to it loud, because IBRIDOMA is one of the finest bands in Italy!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Sniper
2. Covered by the Blood
3. December
4. Chemtrails
5. I'm a Bully
6. Dead Trees
7. Come with Me
8. Land of Flames
9. I Don’t Like
10. Change Me
Christian Bartolacci – Vocals
Marco Vitali – Guitars
Sebastiano Ciccalè – Guitars
Leonardo Ciccarelli – Bass
Alessandro Morroni – Drums
Record Label: SG Records


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