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Idolatry - In Nomine Mortis

In Nomine Mortis
by John Paul Romero at 04 July 2019, 6:58 PM

IDOLATRY is a Black Metal band coming out of Alberta, Canada. They are among Humanity’s Plague Productions’ vast roster of underground Black Metal bands, releasing their two albums with the said label including this latest effort of theirs, “In Nomine Mortis”.

IDOLATRY’s type of Black Metal traces its roots from the oldest Scandinavian Black Metal bands such as MAYHEM, GORGOROTH, DARKTHRONE and even some shades of BURZUM. With that being said, you wouldn’t expect to hear modern elements and trends in this album. Instead, what you’ll get is a completely old sound of traditional Black Metal: crushing riffs, speedy blast beats, a barrage of droning bass and rhythm guitar, and an unforgiving dose of screams and shrieks on the vocals.

The album is really enjoyable from top to bottom, thanks to the length of the songs. Even if the album has ten tracks, it only runs a total of 43 minutes. Each song is designed to feed your hunger just enough so that you could still digest the succeeding ones. Collectively, it created an album that is entertaining enough, with so much blood and carnage, but without boring the listener. But aside from that, what really propelled the energy of the album is the excellent guitar work. The riffs are razor sharp and lightning fast. Of course, when it comes to Black Metal, it’s nearly automatic that you’ll hear tremolo picking all over.

In the case of “In Nomine Mortis”, it is indeed very rich in term of picking but there are also lots of sinister passages where the riffs are rather simple but very effective. Another thing that makes it a really interesting album is Ba’al Berith’s attack on the vocals. His vocals are very harsh and raw. Imagine combining Abbath’s voice with that of Dead’s approach – that’s how he sounds like. His vocal prowess is on full display in the songs “The Calling Void”, “Hail, Death” and “Revelations in Black” where he paraded more than three singing styles. Meanwhile, “Breathing Dust” stands high as the highlight of the album with its crazy breaks and insane twists and turns. The song is an all-out sonic assault from the start but transitions to a slower and more sinister pace in the middle part before then leveraging back to its brutal state. Overall, the album is a very good addition to your black metal collection. The final song “The Serpentine Possession” is such a sweet surprise, for here you’ll get some impressions of Polish Butchers BEHEMOTH and BATUSHKA (the first ever BATUSHKA).

In terms of production, it is also excellent. There is perfect balance within the layers of sound, and what I like about it is that the bass is very loud, hence putting a thunderous rumble in the background. And talking about memorability, it also gets a thumbs up. You might not instantly get hooked to it at first listen, but the album grows within you and will definitely make you listen to it again and again after the first time you play it. Highly recommended.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ex Nihilo
2. Toward the Wandering Eye
3. The Calling Void
4. Hail, Death
5. Reborn in Poison
6. Revelations in Black
7. Breathing Dust
8. Hidden; Quivering
9. The Serpentine Possession
10. Nihil Fit
Lycaon Vollmond – Guitars
Daemonikus Abominor – Drums
Tormentus Prometheon – Bass
Ba’al Berith – Vocals
Sludge – Guitars
Record Label: Humanity’s Plague Productions


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