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Ignitor - Year Of The Metal Tiger

Year Of The Metal Tiger
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 June 2012, 3:06 PM

My first encounter with the US Metal band, IGNITOR, led by the infamous banshee demon like singer Jason McMaster, was right before they released their previous album via Cruz Del Sur Music, "The Spider Queen". Back then, and even today, I longed for a good old school US Metal act that will inspire me and awake the same sensations that I have while listening to 80s US Metal acts. With "The Spider Queen" I found solid Metal music and a powerful vocal work powered by what seemed to me as a theatrical show of force that really helped on channeling the horrific concept. With "Year Of The Metal Tiger", via MVD Productions, I figured that there is no unified concept but only standalone songs. I can't really say that this aspect was the reason for me to less like it than the previous release but in a way I missed the theatrical features that worked so well with the music.

Most of the music surrounding the album is riff based and I really had no problem with that as I am a totally devoted riff fan. In general the riffing was pretty simple, punching in the classic path like JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN while distributing occasional lead guitar attacks that were pretty solid. The sound production helped the music to become more decisive as it reminded me so much of the amazing and rich crunchy sounds of 80s classic Metal albums made in the US that was always a chip off the famous British majesty. However, as it has been going on from the band's emergence, I believe that the center stage was for McMaster. Though the instrumental players are more than fairly rated, it seemed that McMaster was running the whole show with his vocal work. With a line of several singing patterns that has been rushing from clean to utter demonic raspiness that tormented with its grouchier tones, he is a total lead instrument on his own while the rest of the music serve as his scenery.

That same notion led me to like the music less. As much as I like simple made riffing, sometimes it started getting a little boring and lacking excitement and believe me when I say that US Metal is exciting. "The Kaiser" is the best tune that the band could muster while others like "Shadow Of The Needle", "Heavy Metal Holocaust" and "We Are Ignitor" share some quality old school touches in the vein of OBSESSION, the best possible example that I can think of right now, amongst others. There is good traditional vibe running especially with McMaster's voice, I just wish that the music was livelier. A good singer needs a more vibrant music that will consume him. I suggest on going for this album as core US Metal would really like to follow it.

3 Star Rating

1. Heavy Metal Holocaust
2. Beast In Black
3. Raiders from the Void
4. Shadow of the Needle
5. Island of the Damned
6. The Kaiser
7. We Are Ignitor
Jason McMaster– Vocals
Stuart Laurence– Guitars
Beverly Barrington– Guitars
Brendon Bigelow– Bass
Pat Doyle- Drums
Record Label: MVD Productions


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