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Immanifest - Macrobial Award winner

by Laura Glover at 12 November 2019, 8:14 AM

IMMANIFEST is a band whose name I rather like, as I manifest too. Notably they were influenced by one of my oldest favorite melodic death metal bands, 90’s era CRADLE OF FILTH, amongst other influences. IMMANIFEST was formed in 2008 in Tampa, Florida with their first EP quickly following in 2010. "Macrobial" was released November 8, 2019. As a band they have an affinity for theatrical metal. As do I… as do I. Album artwork was done by Helge C. Balzer.

"Energy Weapons Formed Against Us" has a very atmospheric sound with some scorching drum beats. It has a very synthesized intro. You can clearly hear the influences by DIMMU BORGUR and CRADLE OF FILTH throughout this song. With that 90’s era sound, it brings to mind the beginning of the era of this type of metal. Melodic death metal, a sound that took over the world. Wandija – This song boasts fantastic guitar melodies, coupled with the vocals that bring to mind that classic melodic metal sound. All around this is a great song. With multiple layers of vocals, one does not get bored with what you’re hearing.

"Black Miracle" has an occultic sounding title matching its creators occultic roots. With the name of the album, or the root of it “Macrobe” being a term coined by Michael Tsarion, an Irish author and occult philosopher. This song is a little faster than its counterparts. The vocals are harder hitting and the instrument play is much more scorching. Jahbulon’s Labyrinth – With many layers to this song, the vocals stand out so much. There is so many various styles that complement each other so well. It is indeed a labyrinth of art. This makes me think back to a concert I went to in Seattle, Washington at the famed El Corazon and the bands I saw there that night. "Spirits of Old" – Those drum beats lift this one off the charts. They have so much energy to add to an already energetic song. Yet the lovely synthesis and keyboards sound so gorgeous. Truly keyboards are a thing of the 90’s as well.

IMMANIFEST has a lot to offer all metalheads due to its diversity. While I think the album is great, I feel they lack slightly in originality. However, only slightly, and with the inception of more albums to come I’m sure their own sound will come through more. I really like the multiple singers and styles of vocals. This is the part of IMMANIFEST I hope to see cultivated as it is just awesome. I also like their musical sound. Looking forward to listening to what these guys come up with next.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Energy Weapons Formed Against Us
2. Ultraterrestrial Creation
3. Wandjina
4. Emissions of Ikhenaton
5. Black Miracle
6. Jahbulon’s Labyrinth
7. Orbis Speculari
8. Niflheim
9. Spirits of Old
Anton Kalaj - Guitar/Synth
Asgrim – Guitar/Synth
Eric “Eldrik Bloodaxe” Avant – Vocals
Christopher “Dracin” Sortino – Vocals
David Belmonte – Bass
Chris Pistillo - Drums
Record Label: The Artisan Era


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Edited 06 December 2019

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