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Imperial Execration - Commanding Satan’s Crusades

Imperial Execration
Commanding Satan’s Crusades
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 January 2023, 3:24 PM

Brutal Death Metal was conceived to be a more extreme form of Death Metal, with low tuned chords, extreme guttural vocals and faster tempos. Acts as SUFFOCATION and DYING FETUS are notorious as pioneers of the genre, but the younger bands of the genre must ‘disrespect’ them, in a way to make things out of their shades, something of their own. And the UK based trio IMPERIAL EXECRATION still needs to mature a bit more, as shown on “Commanding Satan’s Crusades”, their first album.

As the words above states clear, this review deals with a Brutal Death Metal band, a genre that’s erodes and lacks new names that would create something different of the usual. And these guys, even being extremely talented (their songs leave no doubts about it) are, unfortunately, resting in the shadows of the creators of the genre, what means: they’re good, but could do things in a better and more personal way. It’s brutal and full of energy, but they’re like many others of the same genre.

The band hard Felipe Perez on sound engineering of the drums and vocals (and that is gone on this 2023), Jacobo Robalino on the sound engineering of the drums as well (and did the editing of it), Eduardo Camargo doing the edition of drums, bass and vocals, Amadeus Erecshyrinol on the sound engineering of the guitars, and Tom Bradfield working on the mixing and mastering. Their work is really very good, giving the trio’s music the right balance on the sonority: brutal and nasty, but always in a way that’s not hard to understand.

The main problem of the songs: the trio’s still locked up by the clichés of Brutal Death Metal, something they’re able to avoid (or do in a particular way). Of course that the fans will love songs as “Summoning of the Ancient Hordes” (all that technical appeal of the genre can be heard here, especially on the guitar riffs and arrangements), “Throne of Sadistic Abominations” (another very aggressive and nasty song, this time based on a very good rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums), “His Ominous Presence” (a fine presentation of a traditional Death Metal song, but with improved aggressiveness, especially on the vocals), and “Victory of the Stygian Empire”, and especially their version for DEHUMANIZED song “Condemned” (maybe the best moment of the album, and it’s not good to have such thing), but the lack of a personality is clear.

Once again: IMPERIAL EXECRATION is a good band, it’s just a matter of sharpening in a better way their musical efforts to make the successor of “Commanding Satan’s Crusades” a better album. You can do it, guys!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Summoning of the Ancient Hordes
2. Commandments of the Age of Darkness
3. Throne of Sadistic Abominations
4. His Ominous Presence
5. Lords of Tyrannical Perversion
6. Victory of the Stygian Empire
7. Condemned
Mr. Oscarnivore Macias - Vocals
Eduardo Camargo - Guitars, Bass
Ruben Jaramillio - Drums
Record Label: Comatose Records


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