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Impiety – Versus All Gods

Versus All Gods
by Cherie Wong at 25 February 2020, 10:22 PM

On November 1, 2019, the mighty IMPIETY released “Versus All Gods.” IMPIETY is a black metal band that hails from Singapore, one of the first extreme metal bands out of that area. They formed in 1990 with the original lineup of Shyaithan on vocal, guitar, and bass duty and Necro-Angelfornicator on drums. Since then, the band has had a large number of lineup switches, but with Shyaithan always at the helm. Dizazter has been the drummer since 2011 and Iszar has been on guitars since 2017. Despite the lineup changes, IMPIETY has an impressive discography, with eight previous full-length albums and numerous demos, splits, singles, and EPs. “Versus All Gods” marks their first full-length release since their 2012 “Ravage & Conquer” and their ninth overall. This album features Wenceslas Carrieu (of NECROWRETCH) on “Intro: Kommand IX” and “Inviktus Satanikus” and Henriette Bordvik (of ABYSSIC and ex-SIRENIA) on “Interstellar Deathfuck.”

IMPIETY plays a blackened mix of death and thrash metal. It’s a throwback to the early days of extreme metal, when the lines between genres were blurred. While the music is certainly fast-paced, for some reason, the savagery is not all there. The production is clean, which could actually have been the downfall of this album. The drumming, guitar work, and vocals are all great. However, the guitars rely too heavily on shredding for speed rather than interesting riffs. The vocals are classic, but I would have liked to see some more range. IMPIETY seems to have found a formula for songwriting that creates perfectly serviceable music, but lacks spirit.

Intro: Kommand IX” is an orchestral instrumental introduction to the album. With “Reigning Armageddon,” the meat of the album begins. It is fast and thrash-y, with blast beats and shredding guitar riffs and solos. “Djinn Of All Djinns” has a steady mid-tempo pace, though it is no less intense even with the lack of speed. “Barbarian Black Horde” has a standout guitar riff. “Azazel” is my favorite off this record. The riffs and speed really deliver on the savagery that is expected from this genre.

Inviktus Satanikus” is another instrumental track, an ominous version of a piano interlude. On “Terror Occult Dominion,” the aural assault continues, though it’s with a similar sound to the tracks before the interlude. “Dajjal United” starts off very promising, but quickly loses steam. On “Interstellar Deathfuck,” guest vocalist Bordvik’s singing adds an element of interest to an otherwise straightforward track. “Magickal Wrath” is the album closer, and it is much like the other tracks.

Overall, I recommend this album to fans of bands like VENOM. If you like the old school black and death metal sound with heavy thrash influence, then there is plenty of that on this album. While it isn’t as savage and ferocious as other bands in the blackened death and thrash genre, it is more accessible to the average listener that wants to dip their toes in more extreme metal.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro: Kommand IX
2. Reigning Armageddon
3. Djinn Of All Djinns
4. Barbarian Black Horde
5. Azazel
6. Inviktus Satanikus
7. Terror Occult Dominion
8. Dajjal United
9. Interstellar Deathfuck
10. Magickal Wrath
Shyaithan – Bass/ Vocals
Iszar – Guitars
Dizazter – Drums
Record Label: Evil Dead Productions/ Shivadarshana


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