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In Fear They Follow - Solace

In Fear They Follow
by Jack Lynch at 07 May 2019, 4:23 AM

Following up on their two singles “Disheartened” (2017) and “Hate” (2018), the UK quintet from Devon, IN FEAR THEY FOLLOQ, look to expand their reach of with their latest five track EP “Solace”. Like their previous duel releases the band continues with their blend of deathcore vocals mixed with metalcore.

The opening track “Ares” acts as the prologue, giving us a small preview of lead singer Jake Searle. Vocally; it’s a quick track, spending more of its time building out of static to a short sonic wall of sound, think 36 Crazyfists - “Waterhaul”, only in half the time. It’s epic but perhaps out of place.  I’m not sure if an EP necessarily needs an intro track given that most EPs are in essence a preview to what a full-length album has in store. It’s best to get right to the point with these things and save the ritualistic intro pieces for the full album release. Anything that resembles a filler track on a 5 track EP should be a violation. Just give us 5 singles.

Off-the-bat Jake Searle’s deep reverberating vocals bring-to-mind Winston McCall of PARKWAY DRIVE. This comparison follows through on the rest of the album. He’s very much in control of his sound and does a good job as a whole. The growls are low, the screams are loud, and lyrically he’s able to express his angst and optimism not unlike Howard Jones (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE). It’s not groundbreaking stuff by any means, buts its solid enough and plays the part. In fact, stylistically, the you’ll instantly draw comparisons to the metalcore veterans Killswitch and Misery Signals (CONTROLLER); no surprise as Searle has expressed admiration to the former as a huge influence on their sound.

Fortunately for IN FEAR THEY FOLLOW they don’t fall victim to the formulaic harsh verse to clean chorus vocal structure that is overly used in metalcore. They take a welcomed route like AUGUST BURNS RED, where clean vocals are scarce, and when they eventually make an appearance, it is to greater effect. The overall production is very good. Guitars on “Midas” and “Erebus” are vibrant and “hum” with deep-tones and “bassy” fullness. Ben Threlfall and Ryan Simmons produce some pretty heavy riffs and aren’t focused on elaborate off-timed signatures and shredding so much as they are content working within the confines of a more traditional metalcore sound, that on occasion drops dabs of nu-metal.

It’s not a sound that is busting down doors, but its loud and its solid. It’s just a shame the song writing wasn’t as memorable throughout.   The two singles off this release, “Erebus” and “Solace” are the strongest songs; and perhaps this EP really was just a vessel for these two entries as the other three songs are not as memorable.  I’ve listened to “Solace” about a dozen times and every time I start it up, I just jump to these two songs before venturing anywhere else. “Ares”, “Midas”, and “Arke”, aren’t bad songs by any means, but they feel more like the weaker songs on an LP that often get tucked away in-between the stronger ones. On a 5 track EP there really is nowhere to hide. Given the strength of the previous singles; “Disheartened” (2017) and “Hate” (2018), it makes me wonder why the band didn’t just group these songs together with “Erebus” and “Solace”; write a longer intro song, and then call it a day.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Ares
2. Midas
3. Erebus
4. Arke
5. Solace
Jake Searle - Vocals
Sam Elswood - Bass
Ben Threlfall - Guitar
Ryan Simmons - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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