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In Sanity - Welcome to the Show Award winner

In Sanity
Welcome to the Show
by Laura Glover at 07 November 2019, 6:10 AM

Are they IN sanity, or are they insane? With lyrics like these one must wonder. Does one suffer from insanity or enjoy every minute? In this case, sounds like enjoying it. I concur, as I’m also enjoying it. Founded in 2011, IN SANITY has been busy, being that this is their third release. “Welcome to the Show” is fast, hard, and dark. This melodic metal album was recorded in Greenman Studios by Sebastian “SEEB” Levermann, coming from Paderborn, Germany. This album was released on October 18, 2019, however if you take a liking to these guys, remember they also have two other releases to check out as well.

Welcome to the Show” is hard hitting and true to the Germanic metal sound. So much brutality, from the devilish vocals to the kicker drums that have so much of that classic metal sound. However, this hardness is offset by its beautiful soft side, the “Gothenburg Metal” sound. Epic riffs to headbang to. I don’t know about you, but I have a sweet spot for Melodic Metal. So many bands of this genre straight steal my heart and I am hard pressed to dislike any of them. However, some stand above the rest. As is the case with this band and album. The Stendhal Syndrome – So does this song cause Stendhal syndrome? Which is literally pure joy over something so beautiful it makes your heart beat faster. Which makes sense, because if your heart beat as fast as this beat, you would definitely experience some dizziness. Watermark – With a true progressive sounding intro, we dive right into those hard lyrics. This song is ultra-complete with hard guitar riffs, it brings to mind some classic metal tunes from the past. Perfect headbanging music!

On Lucid Nightmares - This track has a fantastical sound to it among the tortured screams from Erik Solmann, John Turner, and Nino Carovac. The vocals stand out and add that dark carnival sound to it. Like a carousel ride gone to the dark side, and as usual the hard-hitting melodies pack the punch needed to take this song to epic proportions. Blood and Clay - Tim Lobner comes at us with some amazing guitar play in this song; from long melodic riffs to shorter, harder hitting tunes. The guitar in this song is my personal favorite on this album. "Your End Will Justify Your Means" – With a rhetoric sounding name to the song, it leads into a killer song. Back at us with the progressively sung lyrics and those awesome various melodies, the melodic parts to this song really offset its heaviness.

I feel a lot of you old school progressive metal fans will take a liking to this album. It hits home all around and well worth the time spent to listen. I think IN SANITY did a splendid job putting these twelve songs together with masterful artistry. Each player in this compliment the other with ease.
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Stendhal Syndrome
2. Watermark
3. Welcome to the Show
4. Damaged Goods
5. High Rise
6. On Lucid Nightmares
7. New World Order
8. Blood and Clay
9. Your End Will Justify Your Means
10. Quantum Leap
11. Dance of the Jackals
12. Hellward Bound
Erik Solmann – Vocals
John Turner – Guitar, Background Vocals
Nino Carovac – Guitar, Background Vocals
Andrey Astafiev – Bass
Tim Lobner – Guitar
Sophia Voss – Drums
Record Label: Black Sunset/MDD Records


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