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In Silentio Noctis - Disenchant The Hypocrites

In Silentio Noctis
Disenchant The Hypocrites
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 August 2013, 4:09 PM

Nothing is over, until it is over. Did I pronounce it right? I think that I did. So what happens when things go south, when the artist finds out that he has no stimulations or inspirations to contract another piece of his craftsmanship? It is pretty simple actually; the whole enchilada goes numb, dark, dead with the fear of never to return again. However, being insipid and uninspired isn’t forever after all, and things can come up for the better. Same thing took place with the Finnish Symphonic Black / Gothic Metal venturing of IN SILENTIO NOCTIS, led by vocalist Armi Päivinen. Merely a year gone by after the release of the band’s debut, “Through Fragments of Christianity”, and it was Päivinen’s decision to disperse, only to reappear a year later with the announcement of the recording of the band’s earlier material yet to be released. These possibly same songs materialized into the “Disenchant The Hypocrites” EP, once again showcased via the Italian My Kingdom Music. With a totally different lineup at her side, Päivinen went knee deep for a melancholic expedition for the purpose of the hypocritical foundation of religion and its hypnotized followers.

For yours truly, this short endeavor kind of withered for I believe that it didn’t quite pound with the impact that it potentially has. “Disenchant The Hypocrites” aroused an operatic closure, composed with reflective modern Norse Black Metal orchestrations that might resemble the later works of DIMMU BORGIR, yet also a few plods on the English blackened Gothic fuel of later CRADE OF FILTH or the dramatic fever of THERION. Frankly, the music sounded quite enchanting, within the boundaries of the genre with a few exists of the Symphonic end and quite constructive. As a rhythm guitar fan, it was a sheer pleasure tuning to the guitaring efforts piercing with tremolo picking and palm muted sources. Under the illumination of the violin that took charge of being the lead guitar, and the keyboards the riffing was provided with solid backbone. In overall, other than the guitars, the drumming and the overall atmospheric flavour of the songs, projected the same exciting blackish brightness of contemporary Black Metal, proving its development over the last two decades. Aligned with Päivinen’s vocals, it didn’t quite know how to perceive it, as it was with their debut when it was probably the first time I listened to a Black Metal band without a hefty share of thin layered or any kind of growls. Through this release it felt as if Päivinen was just there, a little too vague, a non-dominant figure at the front end, while the music just swept through her, taking a much considerable role. “Chapter II - Of Deception” appeared as this short EP’s finest mixture of impressive singing and sophisticated musicianship with accordance to the genre.

As I mentioned earlier of the previous paragraph, I need more out of these guys and their great mixture of melancholic extreme Metal. These three songs are a good prospect, a promo if you will, for the next release, which I hope won’t be after another breakup as I feel that the motivation is there to continue.            

3 Star Rating

1. Chapter I - The Pit
2. Chapter II - Of Deception
3. Chapter III – Haunted
Armi Päivinen - Vocals
Samuli Reinikainen - Guitar
Tuomas Leskinen - Guitar
Veikko Ringvall - Drums
Aleski Ahokas - Bass

Ville Koponen – Violin
Johannes Salo - Piano
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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