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In the Fire - The Living Horror Show Award winner

In the Fire
The Living Horror Show
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 March 2020, 4:59 AM

As always, there are many releases every day in Metal or Rock genres the readers can think of. Today, the old musical ways were brought back to life by many bands, some only wasting the time of the listener with something moldy that was done before in a more original way; others prefer to do things on their own, using the musical influences of the past to breed something of their own. The last case is where the North American band IN THE FIRE is, because “The Living Horror Show”, their latest album, is a picture of what the words above mean.

They’re bringing back the insanity and filthy of Speed/Black/Thrash Metal from the earlier days of the 80’s (something that can remind the earlier works of SLAYER and KREATOR), but in a personal way that it’s rare to hear (maybe due some elements from US Metal). It’s aggressive and nasty, but full of life and energy, and intensively sharp. But their songs are arranged in a way that it’s impossible to resist, catching to the very bones. Yes, they hit the target!

Ron Vento did the recording and mixing, and Colin Davis mastered the songs of “The Living Horror Show”. The band’s work resulted in something that sounds nasty and bearing some filthy, but never being as raw as an old album of the 80’s. No, they used modern techs, but with nasty and simple instrumental tunes. The 80’s spirit resides solely on the songs.

Musically, the band still has some potential to use in the future, but for now, songs as “Take Away the Crown” (a massive fast song with very good screamed vocals and slashing guitar riffs), “The Living Horror Show” (another fast and aggressive song, but filled with some contrasts on guitars that are charming), the excellent melodies that fills “Martyrs Perished”, the abuse of speed and aggressiveness shown on “Lycanthropy” (bass guitar and drums using very good fast tempos to support the guitars), and the holocaust called “The Disease of Man” are the ones to bang you head until the ears bleed and necks ache! And don’t try to resist, because it’s not possible.

IN THE FIRE is one of those surprises that make the Old School trends mean something. And “The Living Horror Show” is really an album that deserves to be heard at the loudest volume possible!

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Take Away the Crown
2. The Living Horror Show
3. Martyrs Perished
4. Wrestling Faith
5. Lycanthropy
6. The Disease of Man
7. Crescendo of Bane
Ryan Moll - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mike Heller - Drums (session)
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death


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