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In/Vertigo – Sex, Love And Chaos Award winner

Sex, Love And Chaos
by William Travers at 03 August 2020, 10:29 AM

Oh Canada. A large and open land. Known mostly for its vast swathes of wildlife, the famous Canadian Mounties and of course… Maple syrup. But somewhere out in the deepest, darkest and wildest parts of Calgary, a small fire was lit in 2016 and over the recent years it has grown, developed and now today we have IN/VERTIGO.

On first impressions, when looking at the artwork for their release “Sex, Chain And Chaos”, I thought that I was looking at an ANNHILATOR album cover. If I were to be passing it in a shop it would certainly catch my eye, but would it be for the right reasons? Hmmm maybe not.

The Album opens with “Chains” which straight away excretes attitude. The vocal line being expertly delivered by Reed and the pace controlled by Keaton. Hard hitting riffs and pounding rhythms are the stylings of choice, and all members deliver in perfect harmony to set the highest of standards that must be lived up to by the remainder of the record.

The introduction to “Bad Enemy” instantly reminded me of a song you may have heard of… “Cochise” by one AUDIOSLAVE. The structure and build of the intro that then kicks us into overdrive once we reach the main body and both Shaddy and Duncan show us the beauty of keeping things simple, but doing it perfectly. The structure of the riffs, including little runs, add an element of flair, but it is the seamless delivery that cements this solid track.

As we hit track three, we can see Shaddy being allowed the opportunity to stretch his legs… or fingers? As this steady walking rhythm gives a very Bluesy overtone to “The Night”. The track is true to the established stylings of IN/VERTIGO with the traditional Hard Rock stylings coupled with their own artistic flair and panache. The ebb and flow of the structure, softer sections add an air of mystery and build back up with total control from Reed. But the truest focal point for me with this track is an absolutely sublime guitar solo, running for almost a minute we get to see what Shaddy is capable of and the sheer musicianship and knowledge is exquisite. As far as this album is concerned this is my stand out track.

Finally, we come “Take It”. Which, with a no-frills introduction sees us move back to that Hard Rock influence. The marching rhythm carries us forward through the track as we slog through to the inevitable end.

Overall, I have to say that this a fantastic release. Every member plays their part perfectly and brings so much to the table with their playing. Be that from Reed’s impressive vocal range, Shaddy’s clear prowess as a guitarist or in fact the foundations of Duncan and Keaton shoring everything up. If I were to compare IN/VERTIGO to other acts I would say it’s almost an eclectic mix of MUSE, AUDIOSLAVE with a little bit of ALICE IN CHAINS thrown in for good measure. I will be watching closely to see what is in store for this young group as they progress. And reader, go out and get this album you will not be disappointed, I’m not asking you to get it, I am telling you to!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Chains
2. Bad Enemy
3. The Night
4. Take It
Reed – Vocals
Shaddy Elsaghir – Guitar
Duncan McCartney – Bass
Keaton Byfield – Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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Edited 01 October 2020

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