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Inanimate Existence - Liberation Through Hearing

Inanimate Existence
Liberation Through Hearing
by Cameron Ervin at 19 October 2012, 1:09 AM

Alright all you technical Death Metal lovers, I’ve got a new band for you to sink your teeth into, INANIMATE EXISTANCE. I’ve listened to multiple bands of this genre and this band really stands out. Upon listening through “Liberation Through Hearing” I found myself wondering what this album was trying to accomplish. The first half is mostly brutal crushing material with DEVOURMENT sounding vocals, but after “Iguanid Labyrinth” the rest of the CD is all instrumental tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumental tracks but it caught me off guard as I was expecting a slaughter house of brutality from front to back.

From the very start of the CD with the track “Dharmakaya” you can tell that INANIMATE EXISTANCE has something different to offer than your run of the mill technical Death Metal band. The track starts off with a sci-fi sounding intro that fades into a very progressive sounding guitar bridge that leads to the Death part of the song.  Like I said before, the vocals sound somewhat like the same exhibited in the band DEVOURMENT so there really isn’t anything too different about the vocals here. Each song sounds similar with the flashy guitar work and blinding fast blast beats. However, some songs break up the brutal routine. Take for instance “Transcendent Absorption”, while the beginning and ending are very intense the mid-section slows down for a nice interlude of clean sounding guitars and bongo drums. The song that follows, “Paths To Enlightenment”, is a track that could also be found on an all instrumental experimental CD. It’s full of time changes and different syncopations. Acoustic and distortion free guitars trade off on the fought over lead. Its tracks like these that set INANIMATE EXSITANCE apart from the normal Death Metal band.

The onslaught resumes with “Morphogenesis” and continues onward. “A Myriad of Visions” starts with an interesting bass intro then leads into a tasty riff, the best on the whole album. “Cosmic Consciousness” is the first of many instrumental tracks that finish out the album. It sounds like something that could be played in an old cheesy sci-fi movie, perhaps they were aiming for that exact sound as the title suggests. Each instrumental carries the same tone but still remains to sound very different than the one before it. Some of these tracks sound like they were inspired by the band ANIMALS AS LEADERS in their progressive and technical elements. The song “Morphic Dreams” starts out with soft acoustic guitars then suddenly shifts to electric and back again. Songs like these certainly keep you on your toes throughout the whole album, constantly guessing what’s coming next. If you couldn’t tell by my attempts at putting the instrumental tracks in words they are extremely progressive which is a nice touch on this album. If you’re like me and wondering why they crammed all those vocal-less songs at the end, your guess is as good as mine. To me it would have made more sense to put them between the songs in the first half, but it still made for an interesting surprise at the end.

If you like this type of music I’d say go out and buy it. It is a solid release with a few good surprises along the way.

3 Star Rating

1. Dharmakaya
2. Forest of Illusion
3. Transcendent Absorption
4. Paths to Enlightenment
5. Morphogenesis
6. A Myriad of Visions
7. The Discarnate Self Paradox
8. Sulphuric Eurphoria
9. Iguanid Labyrinth
10. Cosmic Consciousness
11. Psychonautic Trance
12. Within Lucid Dreams
13. The End of Duality
14. Morphic Fields
15. Illuminating the Darkness of Ignorance
16. Awaken
Mitch Yoesle- Bass
Ron Casey- Drums, Bongos
Ian Rittmaster- Guitars
Joel Guernsey- Guitars
Cameron Porras- Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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