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Inanimate Existence - The Masquerade Award winner

Inanimate Existence
The Masquerade
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 August 2022, 2:00 PM

Many Metal bands are trying to work personal insights into Metal genres to try to show their musical work to the greatest set of people they can, because it’s a form of trying to have some feedback and earn success. And it’s a case of leaving great names aside (they don’t need you anymore) to check some good new names, because some excellent surprises can be waiting for you; surprises as the North American trio INANIMATE EXISTENCE, because their latest release, “The Masquerade”, is really amazing.

Their musical work could be described in two forms:


2. it’s total Death Metal-like DREAM THEATER.

Both descriptions aren’t far of the truth, because the trio works on an aggressive and technical form, with ethereal Progressive/Jazz-like parts that are deep and full of hooks. It’s not so hard to understand their musical work, but this form of Progressive/Techno Death Metal is really full of aggressiveness and energy, but with a technical quality that’s great, and what energy flow from the band’s songs! The band brought Zack Ohren for the mixing and mastering, and his work can be said as a blend between a sonority that can fit in Old School Death Metal parameters (due some crude tunes used), but with a modern and defined sonority. So one can understand the keyboards parts and everything else without problems, but always being clear that the fans is dealing with a Death Metal act after all.

All the 8 tracks are very good, with many catchy extreme moments contrasting with Progressive/Jazz parts. So be prepared to be sucked into their Progressive Death Metal chaos when dealing with “Endless Waves” (it’s an oppressive song filled with many rhythmic contrasts and extreme hooks, but pay attention with the contrasts between calm and extreme parts, and to bass guitar and drums approach), the oppressive weight of “The Masquerade” (another song full of contrasts of fast and slow moments, with charming guitars arrangements and riffs), “Into the Underworld” (the energy that flows from it and the intense and melodic guitar solo is amazing), “Wandering White Halls” (pay attention to the bass guitar arrangements in the beginning, before chaos takes over , and what good grunts can be heard), and “Heart of the Inferno” (extreme and intense, with that bitter and nasty energy usual to Death Metal acts) are the right ones for a first flight with their music.

It’s clear that “The Masquerade” is really a great release, so leave aside for a moment you favorite band’s albums and pay attention to what INANIMATE EXISTENCE is offering to you. You won’t regret the experience (and your favorite band will not ask for explanations of you, after all).

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Endless Waves
2. Buried Beneath Scars
3. The Masquerade
4. Into the Underworld
5. Wandering White Halls
6. Return to the Dream
7. Heart of the Inferno
8. Ending the Ritual
Cameron Porras - Vocals, Guitars
Scott Bradley - Bass
Ron Casey - Drums
Record Label: The Artisan Era


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