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Infernal Conjuration - Infernale Metallum Mortis Award winner

Infernal Conjuration
Infernale Metallum Mortis
by Kyle Scott at 12 June 2019, 3:13 PM

Death Metallers from Tiajuana, INFERNAL CONJURATION have summoned nine demons from the deepest far-reaches of the cosmos that would make H.P. Lovecraft shudder in terror. "Infernale Metallum Mortis" is INFERNAL CONJURATION's official, full-length debut after thirteen years since they began melting faces with their acidic riffs back in 2006. With heroes like Chuck Schuldiner, Max Cavalera and Tom Araya to look up to, INFERNAL CONJURATION shaped the collective mass of darkness in their hearts and made a worthy effigy to their predecessors. Championing a DIY ethic for their sound, "Infernale Metallum Mortis" sounds like the cleanest version of the band, but don't be fooled; it's still Death Metal all the way down to its blackened core.

We begin our hellish descent with "Dreadful Knowledge", a terrible secret no mortal has ever known, or should know, has finally been revealed and the consequences are deadly. The atmosphere is charged with hundreds of vibrating riff particles that cook down Josue Luna's fatty basslines and frontman Emmanuel Luna's gristly chords in "Profound Immorality". INFERNAL CONJURATION's debut brings all the fiery riffs you could ask for in a Death Metal album. Chords bury under the skin only to erupt back out in screeching glory. The complex lyrics in "In the Presence of Another World" create grotesque, classic imagery of demented horned creatures, fiery landscapes and bizarre riddles such as "the door behind the door". Incidentally, the imagery that dances in the lyrics to "In the Presence of Another World" were thanks to vaguely-Stoner rockers BLUE OYSTER CULT.

"Demonic Possession"
is bloody mess of drums and guitars fighting tooth and nail against each other while vocals paint pictures of no longer being in control of your own body. "Infernale Metallum Mortis" is INFERNAL CONJURATION awakening from a long sleep and devouring anything it can fit into its oversized maw. With auracidal riffs and rich lyrics, their debut has INFERNAL CONJURATION stepping up their game since their last EP.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Dreadful Knowledge
2. Profound Immorality
3. Infernal Conjuration
4. Cleansed in Asphyxia
5. Necrolatria (A los muertos blasphemos)
6. In the Presence of Another World
7. Demonic Possession
8. Tremendous Plague
9. Ultimatum 
Josue Luna - Bass
Emmanuel Luna - Guitars, Vocals
Adrian Miranda - Drums
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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