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Infernal Execrator - Obsolete Ordinance Award winner

Infernal Execrator
Obsolete Ordinance
by Tatianny Ruiz at 22 July 2018, 2:16 PM

When I say that the metal scene has expanded a lot in recent years there are still people who deny it, even more so if we look at Asia with a Death / Black Metal scenario that just grows.  I know, you are probably very accustomed to reading my reviews about bands on the European and American side of the styles, but today we have changed our route to put our eyes and ears on the new release of the Singaporean band INFERNAL EXECRATOR and the album with release for July 27, 2018 "Obsolete Ordinance" by Pulverised Records.

The band that has been on the road since 2005 maintains a line with themes deeply rooted in what I would call the "tradition" of styles, Anti-Religion, Hatred, Execration, with a harsh, aggressive instrumental base layered in darkness, and if not it was the different guitar riffs I would say they would match the bands in the sectors. Although the band already has a considerable amount of time on the road this is the second full length in the musicians' career and with a simplistic cover art with the imposing demon I start the album in "Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror)" that opens the album with some sinister voices and the classic effects that seem to echo in some kind of temple. We follow a more slowly track, and I like the work of the guitars that for some brief moments refer me to the influences of the more traditionalist metal before jumping for a more frenetic rhythm where Lord's voice completes with little prominence in an interesting way because it seems to be embedded in the rest of the instrumentation, this puts all the musicians in focus and in my opinion is a very good factor, many bands usually raise the pitch for the vocals which makes things sometimes a bit tiresome.

The second track 'Incinerate Halakhah Theorem' is what I call the quam result learned from the best between eighties and ninety, aggressive, quick and acting like a punch in the stomach. So far a vigorous record full of wrath against religiosity, here is the Black Metal in action without many differences and innovations. 'Scions Of Irreverent Bloodshed' brings an electrifying work of Lord and Halphas guitars and this is where you can find the differences of style bands between Europe, America and them, no doubt they keep their feet stuck in the soil of the dark but mesmerizing as they create their own identity in tracks like 'Northern Superiority' then it's like picking up Sodom and crashing with the Venom of the early days, without modernism but with soils and riffs that hold your attention.

'Quintessence Of Timeless Void' and 'Supreme Barbarous Ordo' are the driving force on this album so everything these guys brought in their working years is set here with a lot of power, the drum work is pulsating with rhythmic visceral changes and detail it pays to pay attention to it is that unlike many bands they do not keep the whole thing monotonous, even though the melodies stay spiked they bring a fervently excellent album and I can say after 'Obsolete Ordinance' that although opinions split at the moment between a style with more modern or keep the roots these guys are right in the middle and I've listened to many albums this year and we're getting into the second half of it now so a lot of what I see becomes so similar that interest in the album gets lost before half then albums like this make the scene bubble, it is the best meeting of styles and it will make you think how much Metal is strong and goes well beyond the stamped boundaries.

Now arrive the final track of this piece in 'Absolute Celestial Condemnation' which closes the album with a colossal energy load, installing the sound chaos in the last minutes of this monstrous release. The album was recorded at Altar 47 with Nizam Aziz, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio and features contributions from the frontman of SACRILEGIOUS RITE Ex Ipsis-Mors, Infernal Vlad from CULT OF FIRE and Ludo Lejeune also known as Ludo Evil. The work of art was created by the Indonesian illustrator Jenglot Hitam (Impiedad, Zubirun, etc.). A brutal album!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror)
2. Incinerate Halakhah Theorem
3. Scions Of Irreverent Bloodshed
4. Northern Superiority
5. Quintessence Of Timeless Void
6. Supreme Barbarous Ordo
7. Obsolete Ordinance
8. Absolute Celestial Condemnation
Halphas D. Nihilist - Guitars
Christslaughter - Drums
Lord Ashir - Vocals, Guitars
Kommando Antichristo – Bass
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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