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Infy Snow – A Mortal's Tear Award winner

Infy Snow
A Mortal's Tear
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 27 July 2015, 9:25 AM

INFY SNOW is a Gothic, Symphonic Metal musician – singer, writer, composer. Infy was born in winter 1991 in Amsterdam and in age of 4 she was moved with family to Israel and she released in 5.12.2013 first single “Vanishing”, second single “Greed” in 27.6.14 and “A Mortal's Tear” - Infy's debut album was officially released in 28.6.2015.

Single track “Vanishing” has calmer sounds and opens with beautiful piano and the voice of Infy gives me goose-bumps, with catchy vibes that dig into the back of your mind. Awesome guitar work in powerful moments and a serene beauty with piano gives perfect mix of sounds. Second single “Greed” has modern style of playing and heavier Rock 'N' Roll vocals, showing some rather unexpected versatility.

I love so much the beautiful ballad of “To Your Loneliness”, with catchy memorable singing by duo female and male voices. Here are obvious NIGHTWISH vibes & memorable Symphonic echoes. A wonderful atmosphere in this ballad with Symphonic elements make this one as a potential hit with a catchy chorus.

The incredibly vocals sound fantastic with the accompaniment of stronger guitars in “Mindfuck”. Modern sounds with melodic flashy guitar soloing makes this stand out as one of the album’s more ‘metal’ tracks. Calmer style change into stronger and Progressive change rate is interesting. Flute and acoustic guitar in melodic “The Flower Collector” sounds so nice. Hard rockish guitars with Folkish influencees in the background and even SHAKIRA vibes in singing.

Just listen to “Black Light” where there are nice riffs in calmer style opening and gorgeous singing, modern style in playing with heavier sounds and melodic singing sounds totally awesome with heavier riffs in the background – perfect! “Nightmares” has terrific Heavy Metal style guitars, melodic and energetic sounds and embellished with a few death growls.

Worth listening to are: “Back to the Ground” with nice stronger riffs and clear drums with catchy refrain, “Goddess Machine” with opera singing inside, and this chorus – amazing! - Epic track with violins, piano and Symphonic elements, “Love Song” with gentle singing in EVANESCENCE style together with heavier sounds – it makes for powerful track with great choruses. “A Battle Lost” has seamless transitions from heavy to calm with, again, a melodic chorus and great ballad “Sojourn at the Astrals” with acoustic guitars and gentle singing.

Infy Snow’s new album is, on the bottom line. The production of album is on high level and young Infy has beautiful voice. Here is obvious Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock and also Progressive Metal echoes. I'm extremely impressed with how she mixes heaviness with calmer sounds. Highly recommended to every female fronted bands and every Symphonic and Gothic Metal lover will be in seventh heaven listening to this album!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Mindfuck
3. Vanishing
4. The Flower Collector
5. Back to the Ground
6. Black Light
7. Sojourn at the Astrals
8. To Your Loneliness
9. Greed
10. Nightmares
11. A Battle Lost
12. Love Song
13. Goddess Machine
Infy Snow - Vocals, Composition
Record Label: Independent


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