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Ingested - Call of the Void

Call of the Void
by Kyle Scott at 25 June 2019, 3:21 PM

Heavy calls INGESTED home with their second EP release, "Call of the Void". Don't let the small tracklist fool you. INGESTED makes up for quantity by packing meaty, shredded to hell riffs tough enough to rip through solid steel into each song. After forming in 2006 and discovering their true sound for their third album "The Architect of Extinction", INGESTED preps us for a future full-length aural attack in the not-too-distant future with this EP. Packing some heat with explosive drumlines and hefty load-bearing bass riffs, it's a hard album to forget even after it slams your head repeatedly into a wall of blast beats.

Enter "The Mouth of the Abyss" which is filthy and riddled with roaming, unclean creatures speaking in guttural, intimidating tones in the darkness as you make your descent. The first place INGESTED takes us on our journey is someplace unheard of by mortal men. The Abyss is a place of blood and rot in the darkness, and Jay Evans' voice is that of someone busy clawing their way up the jagged rock ledges to a freedom they aren't sure they can reach let alone see ahead of them. The real punishment begins during "Eternal Kingdoms Part I" with calamitous drumlines rattattatting like machine gun fire and mournful guitar solos akin to NE OBLIVISCARUS or INSOMNIUM.

After some quiet introspection on "Eternal Kingdoms-Part II", the revelry is unfortunately shattered and we are forced to face an ugly truth once again in "The Empyrean Creed". INGESTED's sound over the course of their discography has only gotten angrier, heavier. Fermented in barrels, the sound they've acquired is acidic with pungent afternotes of sour enzymes. "Call of the Void" demands an audience, bristling with attitude and grime, it calls so terribly into the depths of your mind and burrows itself in to feed with all the indifference of any other parasite that needs to survive.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Mouth of the Abyss
2. Eternal Kingdoms-Part I
3. Eternal Kingdoms-Part II
4. The Empyrean Creed
Brad Fuller - Bass
Lyn Jeffs - Drums
Sean Hynes - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sam Yates - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jay Evans - Vocals
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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