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Inglorious - MMXXI Live At The Phoenix

MMXXI Live At The Phoenix
by Metal Wim at 17 May 2022, 8:53 PM

I just don’t understand it. Sometimes you come across a band that gives you a juxtaposition to consider. All the ingredients they incorporate into their music are exactly what you like, and still, you can’t fathom why the music they bestow on you isn’t thrilling you to the core. INGLORIOUS is one of the bands that has that questionable honour. They mix some fifty percent DEEP PURPLE with thirty percent WHITESNAKE. The remaining twenty percent is their own sound that mixes perfectly with the other two. So, on all accounts, I should be utterly enamoured by this live album, but alas, however good “MMXXI Live At The Phoenix” might sound, it just doesn’t get my juices flowing. (Yes, that can also happen when you’re a bloke!)

Recorded in the lovely city of Exeter in Devon, England, you just can’t fault the sound of the album. The other thing they have absolutely nailed is the song selection. Every tune they play has the right vibe, is played almost to perfection and allows you to sit back, close your eyes and ingest the sounds coming through the speakers. On top of that the band, or should I say vocalist Nathan James is good in the interaction with the audience. Even though he reminds me of OZZY when he keeps asking Exeter to “Make Some F**king Noise”.

As this is recorded just after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in the UK, it is very understandable that the band as well as the audience are only too glad to be able and go out to a live show. It is palpable in the sound as well as the enthusiasm of both musicians as visitors. It only enhances the aspect of joy that should come with a live recording. And yes, INGLORIOUS have captured just that with this beauty of a live performance, which was captured in the most beautiful as possible.

So you see, as I describe, everything on “MMXXI Live At The Phoenix” is just as it should be, making this live album by INGLORIOUS a must have release for the lovers of Melodic Metal. And still, I just can’t my head around the fact that it enlightens me from head till toe, it really doesn’t set my world on fire. But, you won’t hear me saying a bad word about “MMXXI Live At The Phoenix”, as it is a masterpiece. Just not mine.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1 She Won't Let You Go
2 Messiah
3 Breakaway
4 Where Are You Now?
5 Read All About It
6 Barracuda
7 Holy Water
8 He Will Provide
9 I Don't Need Your Loving
10 We Will Ride
11 Until I Die
Nathan James – Vocals
Phil Beaver – Drums
Danny Dela Cruz – Guitars
Dan Stevens – Guitars
Vinnie Colla – Bass
Rob Lindop - Keyboards
Record Label: Frontiers Records SRL


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