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Inhuman Architects – Paradoxus

Inhuman Architects
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 August 2021, 10:56 AM

INHUMAN ARCHITECTS is a Deathcore/Death Metal band hailing from Portugal. The band was formed in 2020 by Fábio Infante and Fábio Azevedo. After the introduction of Marcus Reis, Luis Almeida, and Emanuel Carmo to the line-up, the band released their debut single “Interplanetary Suffering,” independently, in August 2020. The single was released alongside a music video, which linked the aggressive sound with creative visuals which helped them stand out from the crowd. Soon after, Vicious Instinct Records began discussing signing the band to our ever-growing roster, and proposed a multi-release deal that would support the band's creative process in every way. The road would not be without bumps and as all bands do, as the band went through some growing pains whilst recording their debut, some of which threatened to derail their momentum, but persistence and resilience would see them through. The album contains ten tracks.

“In Adventu Deorum” leads off the album. It’s a short, under-one-minute piece of moody feedback and some ominous tones. Leading to “Beyond the Creator,” which begins with a heavy and aggressive sound, and guttural vocals that extend to screams. The music is quite technical and tightly formed, and there is little room for much else in this dense sound. “Defying the Gods” is similar in pacing and sound…brutal utterances of music nearly devoid of melody altogether, in favor of a punishing sound that beats you down in short period of time. It slows just a bit for a short guitar solo.

“Nephilim” brings more anger and assault on the ears. The attack is unrelenting. The structure of the songs so far is unconventional, in that there is not really verses and choruses in the traditional sense. “Nibiru’s Wrath” features a similar sound and pacing. As is often the case in the genre, a lot is demanded of the drummer, and Marcus answers the call with fervent yet steady timekeeping. “Interplanetary Suffering” features more of those punishing rhythms and overall brutality. Again, the band does this quite well but it does take away from other areas that they could be championing. “Astra Natus Est” hears the sound dialed up a notch or two, with an intensity that is hard to match. The album however is starting to fall into the same sound repeated throughout many tracks, however.

“The Great Deceiver” is the first song on the album that begins with a bit of variegate, but it doesn’t last long. The hard-as-nails sound returns pretty quickly and stays with the song through its continuation. “Night Intruders” is fairly close to the other songs in scope and sound, and I just wish the band would experiment away from this sound just a bit at times. “Vortex” closes the album, with a grueling and punitive sound…fast and furious in nature. The vocals settle into a cadence of death and destruction and then lash out in fury.

Although the Deathcore genre can at times be unforgiving, this is an example of an album that does not stray from the boundaries very much at all. The brutal, punishing manner of the music is noteworthy, as is the general lack of much in the way of melody, yet the band pushes their brand of controlled barbarism strongly. This one is for Metal fans who like their music unyielding, but I am sure the band is capable of at least some experimentalism for future releases…it would help diversity their sound.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. In Adventu Deorum
2. Beyond the Creator
3. Defying the Gods
4. Nephilim
5. Nibiru’s Wrath
6. Interplanetary Suffering
7. Astra Natus Est
8. The Great Deceiver
9. Night Intruders
10. Vortex
Marcus Reis – Drums
Fábio Azevedo – Guitars
Luís Almeida – Guitars
Fabio Infante – Vocals
Susana Gamito – Bass
Record Label: Vicious Instinct Records


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