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Iniquity - Grime Award winner

by Allen Peters at 28 June 2022, 6:17 AM

INEQUITY, The Danish Death Metal band released their last and best album, “Grime,” in 2001 but it is back 20 years later with this re-release on vinyl, the first time ever. Remastered at Angioni Studios by Marco Angioni (Tardus Mortem, Panzerchrist, Tygers of Pan Tang), it now has two color variants, limited to only 300 copies each: black and marbled gray/black. Originally received well, it was what some considered something that brought death metal to the forefront of popularity.

Blistering out of the gates, “Tides of Vengeance,” is seeking it with the brutal combination of all involved. From the variety of unique riffs, carried with blistering drum blasts, the vocals rip this one apart. A great start to set the mood. These guys obviously mean business and make it very clear what they are here to do.

The groove is immediately set, and it keeps you deep in it when you hear the beginning of “The Bullet’s Breath,” keeping you in the trenches with a little Zak Wylde guitar flavor that you get a hint of in these first few songs. Intentional, I doubt it, but I’m digging it. The guitars are on point with their unique style. I’m beginning to feel why this project got the warm reception that it did and why it is still worth revisiting two decades later.

Slowing the tempo slightly and only temporarily, everyone gets to show out in “Border into Shadow.”  Starting out with the vocals and ending up with dreadfully deep bass licks, everyone else is ripping their own thing in between. This one ends up in a frantic frolic, hinting of ominous doom, actually it is a “Bloodletting.” A barrage of drumbeats that couldn’t be any more barbaric, this makes up the core of this song. It is a nonstop, never letting up, parade of drumbeats. Something good pits are made of. I would love to see this one live.

Next, the guitar steps back in to tease you more, everyone is getting their turn here and everyone is on point. Each song seems to flip flop, unintentionally, some responsibilities in entertaining us and highlights each instrument at some point throughout it all. It all has the same similar flavor, but you can expect something that stands alone in each track, eventually giving you something to look forward to after the end of each one.

What’s next? Is that an acoustic guitar I hear? An unexpected surprise, but not for long. After a small tease in pace, the terror is back full force, the vocals setting the tone with a few voice tracks filling in nicely at various points. Every song makes me want to go find a pit! Whether you want to add another piece of classic vinyl to the collection or just hear some solid Death Metal, this one holds tight until the very end.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Tides Of Vengeance
2. The Bullet’s Breath
3. Border Into Shadow
4. Bloodletting
5. Spawn Of the Abscess
6. Thawed For Breeding
7. Stygian
8. The Last Incantation
9. Poets Of the Trench
10. Part II
Mass Haarlov - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Fagerlind - Bass
Jesper Frost - Drums
Kraen Meir – Guitar
Record Label: Emanzipation


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Edited 18 August 2022

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