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Innasanatorium - Odyssey Of The Mind

Odyssey Of The Mind
by Andrew Harvey at 16 September 2021, 1:54 PM

All the way from Perth and Bunbury in Western Australia, this five piece band is still fairly new, forming back in 2018. INNASANATORIUM was started by Kelvin Edward Whitewell (aka JUSTIN$ANITY) was followed on by members of the best metal bands including MEDUSA’S GAZE, SUFFER IN ROT, SHEOL OF ABBADON and RAPID FIRE. They were very accurately described as “a new band has come out of the blocks with all guns blazing and are now ready to take their unique brand of progressive thrash metal to the masses”.

So after three separate single releases in the last two years including; “Show Me Your Scars”, “Night Terrors” and “Science In The House Of God” which all feature in the band’s debut album release ODYSSEY OF THE MIND. Beginning with a short 2 minute piano motif which is not often heard from a progressive thrash metal band namely, “Intro”. The album really begins with the downpour of what sounds like rain before a greeting is spoken in the voice of this demonic character.

“Show Me Your Scars” speaks rather disturbing words but they are a clear sign of the listener to be prepared for what is to come. Then it’s straight injection of power metal versus the contrast of vocal parts as well as consistent drumming and thrilling guitar. There is even a guitar exposition within this track and focus on the groove metal. “The Decline (Odyssey Of The Mind Part 1)” ignites with a crescendo of guitar strumming accompanied by warm-up of rhythmical drum patterns. There are eccentric guitar vibrato with the tempo slowing down whereas guitar is separated into riffs and hooks.

“Night Terrors” is equipped with terrifying vocals, giving that sinister feeling. Almost power/speed metal like SLAYER, who ruled the 70’s, really pieces this track together, vocals have but encouraged the momentum to carry on from this track. Some sustained notation and pounding drums as we go into the next track. “Shifting Shadows” opens with a guitar melody that has some vibrato and pulsating sections. There is also an exposition for guitar and vocals to continue shining through. The continuance of drums also engages the listener and is very creative & soloistic as well. “The Despair(Odyssey Of The Mind Part 2)” where the vocals are stimulating like the previous track but the guitar as before stands out.

“#scottyfrommarketing” as the vocals are somewhat varied in approach and sound perhaps free in rhythm. The transition of edgier hardcore and thrash elements is simply incredible. Vocals also separate into two, one is virtually free spirited and the second is warm but amazing. “Science In The House Of God” now suggests a more power metal or glam rock sound in the intro, with guitar symbolizing it as it should. The vocals haven’t changed  which is good and there is more sustained and prolonged notation on guitar mostly. “The Desire(Odyssey Of The Mind Part 3)” hangs onto the same guitar melody and sound, vocals have been pulled back in tone and placement within the mix. “Accelerated Oblivion” is the continuity of what we heard before with guitar ringing out and drums speeding up steadily. Guitar plays a mix of staccato and enduring radiance.

“Outro” being the closing track is basically a carbon copy of the opening track, another piano motif. “Freak” is the bonus track which is a pretty strong and punchy track to finish the album carrying a different theme compared to the rest of the album, more heavier and more of a grunge feel too. So there we have it, I do look forward to hearing more. It is clear that the metal scene in Australia will evolve and develop further, thanks to band’s like INNASANATORIUM, we remain hopeful. The blend of groove metal, thrash and metalcore has stood out and will inspire more upcoming bands.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Show Me Your Scars
3. The Decline (Odyssey Of The Mind Part 1)
4. Night Terrors
5. Shifting Shadows
6. The Despair (Odyssey Of The Mind Part 2)
7. #scottyfrommarketing
8. Science In The House Of God
9. The Desire (Odyssey Of The Mind Part 3)
10. Accelerated Oblivion
11. Outro
12. Freak
Kelvin Edward Whitewell - Vocals and Guitars
Chris Ayling - Bass
Nathan Catlin - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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