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Innasanatorium - Odyssey Of The Mind Award winner

Odyssey Of The Mind
by Paul LaPlaca at 19 October 2021, 7:28 AM

INNSANATORIUM is a self-described progressive thrash band from Perth, Australia. They are progressve in the sense that they seamlessly blend many diverse styles into one cohesive whole but they are mercifully free from the instrumental self-indulgent wankery of many prog-metal bands. That’s not to say that the technical ability isn’t there, it is. Just that they serve the song first and the playing supports the lyrics rather than creating a platform to solo over. Every band member does a superlative job in their roles.

The album, “Odyssey of the Mind” deals with mental health issues and immediately throws so many different vocal styles at you, one has to wonder if vocalist ADAM MCDONALD suffers from multiple personality disorder. An abrasive, raspy, scream is juxtaposed with throaty growls and a smooth low tenor. First impressions comparisons to similar bands include DARKANE, FEAR FACTORY, and TYPE O NEGATIVE. But it doesn’t stop there, the whole album is full of  serious surprises as the band takes you on a nightmare journey through the mind.

There is so much going on here, it’s hard to focus on one thing before you are grabbed up by your shirt and slapped senseless with something new. Track 4, “Night Terrors” explodes with hardcore gang vocals in the chorus followed by an unhinged harmony guitar solo, then the vocals go up into a KING DIAMOND, glass shattering falsetto. “The Despair” alternates from a heartbreaking clean tenor vocal to a demonic growl, then a thickly chorused hook. They close strong with, “Accelerated Oblivion” an unsettling thrasher with demented harmonies and unrelenting LOOMIS style riffage. Bonus track is a groovy cover of SILVERCHAIR’S, “Freak” which has an almost SMASHING PUMPKINS meets ALICE IN CHAINS snarly vibe.

Production on this one is outstanding, the drum and guitar tones are incredible. There is a real warmth and clarity to this without the listening fatigue of some modern mixes.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Show Me Your Scars
3. The Decline
4. Night Terrors
5. Shifting Shadows
6. The Despair
7. #scottyfrommarketing
8. Science In The House Of God
9. The Desire
10. Accelerated Oblivion
11. Outro
12. Freak
Adam McDonald - Vocals
Ryan Pearce - Guitar/Vocals
Eric Alp - Guitar
Tom Cornish - Bass
Kevin Whitwell - Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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