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Inner Axis - We Live by the Steel

Inner Axis
We Live by the Steel
by Riccardo Gaffuri at 24 November 2017, 2:43 PM

Second release for German INNER AXIS that, after 2011 debut “Into the Storm,” are now back with a new release, eloquent both in the artwork and in the title, “We Live by the Steel.” This band from Kiel stands in fact with both feet on a so called “true” attitude, with remainders to MANOWAR and HAMMERFALL or more recent acts like SACRED STEEL. We are talking about a heavy metal relying on the most (ab)used cliché: a vigorous, aggressive and bellicose attitude, unfortunately in this instance, an attitude with muddy feet, with a lack of new ideas that could lift the weight a bit higher than an overly heard sound.

Tales of heroes and battles apart, INNER AXIS show good technical skills, particularly in the work of guitar couple Zacharias Drosos e Dirk Tiemann, able to weave good riffs throughout all the album, with some good lead and solo hints. Bassist Martin Gühlcke and drummer Thies Jacobsen have a good grip on the rhythmic section, laying foundation for charismatic vocalist Kai Hagemann. This solid blend makes this INNER AXIS new release a technically well played work and well produced, but what is lacking here is clear ideas that could give memorability to any of the tracks, which flow away from listener memory.

No track stands above another: opener “Blades of Death” proceeds with a steady rhythm, “The Call of Steel,” where choruses make their appearance; “Night Rider,” opening with an engine roar. All these have their fill rouge in their maneristic composition, formally impeccable. “The Brave”  or “Storm Lords” might be good examples of this German honest heavy – power metal INNER AXIS bring out: nonetheless no track is able to push listeners to a second spin of this record. “We Live by the Steel” is able to reach sufficiency for the passion infused in it and technical skills involved: there’s some hope for INNER AXIS to grow their unique sound and ideas, as without fresh air emerging in the scene with stale influences is a nearly impossible mission.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Blades of Death
2. All Is One
3. Night Rider
4. The Brave
5. Red Dead
6. Storm Lords
7. Hound of Hell
8. The Call of Steel
9. We Live by the Steel
10. Rain or Shine
Kai Hagemann - Vocals
Zacharias Drosos - Guitar
Dirk Tiemann - Guitar
Martin Gühlcke - Bass
Thies Jacobsen - Drums
Record Label: Fastball Music


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