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Inner Decay – Enter The Void Award winner

Inner Decay
Enter The Void
by Thomas Kumke at 31 July 2022, 12:03 PM

INNER DECAY hailing from Chicago, Illinois, were formed by Tomasz Bielski in 2014. Since then, the Death Metal band released two demos and with “Enter The Void” their second full-length album. It has a length of almost 40 minutes and was released via Romanian label Pest Records which is specialized in Thrash, Black, and Death Metal. The album starts with “Viral Death” and with a huge and powerful riff. The sound of the opener is pretty grim, played at an upper mid-tempo. The growling vocals are at the lower end of the guttural range with some higher pitched screams. All additional vocals on the album were performed by Paul Kuhr (NOVEMBERS DOOM).

Viral Death” is pre-dominantly driven by the guitar riffing and the vocals; the extended lead guitar solo contributes very well to the track. Altogether, it is a very good opener of the album. “Incubi Et Succubi” continues with the heavy riffing. The dual vocal approach of the main low growls and the additional higher pitched screams works very well and contributes to the dark atmosphere of the track. The lead guitar parts are Doom inspired, in particular when the tempo is dropped to a slow and stomping rhythm. “The Prophecy” is a track at a slightly slower tempo than the opening tracks with heavy and almost catchy riffing and melodies. The lead guitar melodies have some oriental vibes, and the drumming includes a few double-bass sequences for the first time on the album. The lead guitar solo is the highlight of “The Prophecy”. “Death Of The Sun” is a mid-tempo track with more complex textures. While the verse parts are straightforward, there are twists in rhythms throughout, introduced by short blast-beat attacks. The chorus parts are at a measured tempo with epic, almost melancholic melodies. The extended lead guitar solo is played at mid-tempo and supported by the double-bass drumming. “Death Of The Sun” is the official video release of the album and the YouTube link is given below.

Circulur Pattern Of Oppression” and “Slave To The Wage” are similarly direct as the opening “Viral Death”. The riffing in “Circulur Pattern Of Oppression” is aggressive and supported by additional lead guitar parts. The song structure is straightforward with a short and effective down-tempo break. As most of the songs on the album are played at mid-tempo, “Circulur Pattern Of Oppression” is one of the fastest tracks on the album, and in principle a great track for the pit. “Slave To The Wage” has simple and direct guitar riffing during the verse parts, which are almost a bit Hardcore inspired. There is more complexity during the middle part of the song with twists in rhythm and tempo; and the chorus parts are grim and doomy with the growls coming straight from the abyss.

INNER DECAY are smartly mixing up things and with “Perpetual Control”, they added a very powerful and doom-laden song at slow tempo. While the sound on the album is pretty much dominated by the guitar riffing and the vocals, the drumming plays are more prominent role in “Perpetual Control”. The additional vocals by Paul Kuhr contribute excellently to the dark atmosphere of the track and making “Perpetual Control” to a blood-freezing affair. The album closes with the mid-tempo banger “Denialism” and it is one of the album highlights. The verse parts are direct and aggressive with simple riffing and crunching basslines. There are tempo switches towards a slower rhythm throughout the track. The drumming on “Denialism” is again very comprehensive and, beside the lead guitar solo, the highlight of the track.

INNER DECAY release an excellent Death Metal album. The sound of “Enter The Void” is a traditional Death Metal sound and the guitar riffing as well as the melodic approach strongly remind me on the Swedish approach to Death Metal. The riffing and lead guitar parts are album highlights and deliver the best what Death Metal has to offer. The vocals perfectly fit to the sound of INNER DECAY and guarantee a blood-freezing experience for the listener. The album is very well produced with a clean and modern production approach. “Enter The Void” is for me one of the Death Metal highlights in this year and it is one of those albums that should be part of the album collection of every Death Metal fan.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Viral Death
2. Incubi Et Succubi
3. The Prophecy
4. Death Of The Sun
5. Circulur Pattern Of Oppression
6. Slave To The Wage
7. Perpetual Control
8. Denialism
Silvestre Flores – Vocals
Tomasz Bielski – Guitars
Aaron Covarrubias ­ Guitars
Dave Chiarella – Drums
Alfred Mulle – Bass
Record Label: Pest Records


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