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InnerWish - Silent Faces (Reissue) Award winner

Silent Faces (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 October 2018, 10:13 PM

Passing into the first decade of the 00s, after an interval of silence, the Greek Metallers INNERWISH returned to the spotlight. Restored with nearly an entire lineup, which also included a fresh new vocalist, which hasn’t been a name in the local Metal scene, INNERWISH were determined to conquer the throne, following their signing to the German Limb Music label, with the release of their sophomore, “Silent Faces”. Let me just say that the newfound fire was immensely felt.

While “Waiting For The Dawn” displayed a band that was still in a kind of soul searching, or to be exact, direction search, “Silent Faces” showed something different. INNERWISH charged their engines, kicked in gear and just flew away high across the sky with a decisive force of Power Metal. Engulfed by a sense of intensity and boosted production, like a storming rage with none to stop it from spreading throughout the horizon, the material featured improved technical skills, a heavier form of riffing, rigorous Euro Power Metal melodies and a one hell of a vocal front sounding quite versatile. Babis Alexandropoulos, the band’s new voice, took me off guard with his vocal pattern, not attempting to be a screamer, putting a tremendous effort to the table. Generally, it seemed to me that the band was venting out a lot of stuff that it has been holding for some time, a burst of fury that wanted out and finally it had the occasion to do so. Be sure to witness the raging thunderstorm with the “Hold Me Tight”, “Dancer of the Storm” and “Midnight Call”.

However, let me stop you there my dear friends and followers. Even though the romantic qualities of “Waiting For The Dawn” seemed nonexistent “Silent Faces”, discoveries began to shape up when turning the page to the second half of the record. Passing the bridging song “Hold On”, there is a swift return to an older frontier. Well, you weren’t fooled, as there was no intention, but think of it like this, it is my assumption that INNERWISH didn’t wish to sound like most of the Power Metal bands out there, melodically speeding, but to bring also something that is similar to how they started out. Entwining their incredible ability to write Epic Metal tunes, ability that showed promise on the debut, INNERWISH maintained the heavier, and speedy, edge that dwelled within the album, and were able to come up with solid gold hits that had them a step closer into the progressive end of the realm. “Silent Faces”, the animated “Dreadful Signs” and the storyteller, MAIDENesque “Set Me Free” will serve as your guide through the band’s diverse vision that came just in the nick of time.

Enclosed within the Ulterium Records reissue copy is once again a rich booklet, consisting of Thimios Krikos’s liner notes, which might shed some light regarding where the band was before the album and the experience of making it. Don’t be disappointed that there aren’t no bonus tracks on this one, but to be honest, it doesn’t need any, it is a work of art on its original form.

“Silent Faces”, after years of silence, is a mighty return, a step forward from the debut and I am positive that it provided great PR for the Greek band that looked to become a member in the front of melodic Metal music.

Purchase Link: Ulterium Records

4 Star Rating

1. Dancer of the Storm
2. Hold Me Tight
3. If I Could Turn Back Time
4. Midnight Call
5. Hold On
6. Silent Faces
7. Dreadful Signs
8. Set Me Free
9. Riding on the Wind
10. Realms of Tomorrow
Babis Alexandropoulos - Vocals
Manolis Tsigos - Guitar
Thimios Krikos - Guitar
Antonis Mazarakis - Bass
Fotis Benardo - Drums
Panagiotis Myolonas - Keyboards
Record Label: Ulterium Records


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