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InnerWish - Waiting For The Dawn (Reissue)

Waiting For The Dawn (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 October 2018, 10:21 PM

Never really had the chance to enter into the depth of this here Greek Heavy / Power Metal band INNERWISH, hailing from Attica, Athens, but thanks to their label Ulterium Records, you and I my friends, have the chance to explore their first three steps into the worldwide melodic Metal scene through a set of reissues. I trust that this little voyage crossing the band’s initial three albums, which marked them first as a name in their scene, and also got the call out in Europe, is bound to be interesting.

Three years after their launch as INNERWISH, tracking back to 1998, the band signed with NMC Records to release “Waiting For The Dawn”. Though I have to admit that the production values on this album aren’t so high, probably due to limited budget, I found the material in question to be rich in ideas, displaying a band that is dancing between being epic, storytelling oriented, marketable and just plain Metal by the book. If there is one thing that I like about the Greek Metal scene, and it is based on most of the bands that have been emerging from the old empire, is that they are largely bound by the 80s driven energies, sound and approach. “Waiting For The Dawn”, being a part of a sea of releases that gradually began the revival of Metal music after a rather desperate decade in overall, actually presented INNERWISH as somewhat unique.

Similar to any Metal album that is in the melodic / classic sphere, I expected a blasting opener rougned up by crude speed that would knock me over. However, I was dished with something else, a much subtler opening of the gates right into the beast’s grasp. Things actually began to hit up starting from the heavyweight crunch of “Lord of Truth”, but the first touchy, yet deadly, bang was with the honest balladry of “Last Thing I'll Remember”. A song well written and orchestrated, passionate and true. Usually I am not a ballad type fan, yet this is a true epic power ballad made by Metal. Leaping over to “Ready for Attack”, a swift drawing of the sword was at hand, amid tempo medieval driven 80s powered Heavy Metal, somewhat theatrical, portraying INNERWISH’s simplistic side, attributed by a skillful soloing effort.

Punching through a wall was actually “The Waves of Destiny”, well at least at first, right before embracing with its melodic hook-laden lead guitaring and harmonic vocals that set the tone. Crossing once again into a calmer state, “Have You Ever…?” sinks in. Possibly one of the album’s deeper tunes, an impressive form of songwriting, captivating with its acoustic showcase, slowly building up as a mixture of an atmospheric power ballad with an epic perception. Another dropping jaw right there guys, my appreciation just went level up.

Enclosed within this special Ulterium Records, other than the original tracklist fully remastered, is the bonus tune “Nightfall”, a solid track indeed. Furthermore, in order for you to get the idea concerning INNERWISH’s debut period, liner noted by founding guitarist Thimios Krikos are there for you to read and be amazed to find unknown facts.

“Waiting For The Dawn” was just the beginning of a band that like any other, aimed high. It would be intriguing to see what went on their sophomore “Silent Faces”.

Purchase Link: Ulterium Records

4 Star Rating

1. Spacerunner
2. Lord of Truth
3. Beyond My Soul
4. Last Thing I'll Remember
5. Carry Your Cross
6. Ready for Attack
7. The Waves of Destiny
8. Have You Ever…?
9. Waiting For the Dawn
10. Nightfall
Yiannis Papanikolaou - Vocals
Manolis Tsigos - Guitar
Thimios Krikos - Guitar
Alexis Levenderis - Bass
Pavlos Balatsoukas - Drums
Dimitris Papalexis - Keyboards
Record Label: Ulterium Records


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