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Inquisitor - Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust (Reissue)

Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust (Reissue)
by Isha Shah at 07 November 2014, 8:03 AM

Reissuing an album after eight years is sure to be a massive shocker, with the original date in 1996  on Shiver Records, INQUISITOR have seemed fit to re-open their mouths with Hammerheart Records in 2014 to re-releasing Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust this December.

The Thrash Metal band have seemed to come under some confusion with their distinctive sound over these years as they are heavily involved in a deeper underground scene. With overlapping textures of blast beats and thrashing tones, it’s hard to actually distinguish their solid tone.

Comparing to the original release a lot can go wrong, however Hammerheart Records have kept true to their roots of keeping their sound relevant and dated to a modern audience, as it float wells to our ears. Annihilating with “Damnation for the Holy” as a starter, a piercing scream reaches our senses, engaging us imminently. INQUISITOR have kept their intensity of their bashful beats within the album as it is clear that they have maintained a strong terror of chaos which was once explored a time ago.

Generously offering us violent tones which are important to their Thrash Metal style tone, the band have produced this consistently throughout the eleven tracks as it delivers us plenty of sounds and shrikes to be entertained by.

One thing is for sure Erik Sprotten’s ability to convert a basic sound of a guitar to a completely different object of a raging chainsaw clearly differentiates the talent withheld within each track, as it’s the finest of details which support “Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust” to a strong reputation.

This gnarly guitar riff is found within “Condemned Saints”, as Alex Wesdijk tears apart his vocal chords to fill this track. Heavy themes of this dark magic is found scattered within every inch of the song as thunderous vibrations of baselines are layered together with ragged pitches to re lift the album moderately.

“Walpurgis - Sabbath Of Lust” still holds its deserved reputation for being in your face and not apologetic about it, which is something a lot of Metal bands have lost in their journey.

3 Star Rating

1. Damnation for the Holy
2. Consuming Christ
3. Condemned Saints
4. Trial of Denial
5. Chaos in Eden
6. Jehova's Downfall
7. Crypt of Confession
8. Unholy Seeds
9. Cry of the Christians
10. Fallen Missionary
11. Inquisitor
Alex Wesdijk - Vocals
Erik Sprooten - Guitar
Hans Pos - Bass
Wim van der Walk - Drums
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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